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Disclosure: Moderators may be able to figure who I am right away, but I want to ask that you protect my identity and not reveal me.

I had an issue with someone and wanted some opinions without revealing my identity because this person could possibly come across this and cause me problems. To be clear they are not a member of sarNworld, but they have experience as a stalker so it wouldn't be difficult for them to come upon this later if they were to look hard enough.

The story started when we were a bit young we were very close friends, but as time grew we gradually grew apart. I was disgusted with her behavior. She was starting to use me and mistreat me. The thing I hate is that after something she did to me I decided it was the last straw and just moved on with my life. I started hanging out with her less and started living my own life. However, she took it the wrong way and started telling others that I prefer to hang out with my boyfriend at that time more then her. She made me out to be the villain like I abandoned her. I honestly didn't care because it made no sense to me why she would talk about me after all I did for her. I tried to include her in my life as much as possible, but it hurt me when people told me she would say stuff about me and my family behind my back. One day in high school I decided it was enough and just quit being nice to her. I treated her as I did, except I quit paying for her stuff when we went out because apparently she didn't appreciate it and I knew she had money! She just didn't want to spend her own money! Well flash forward 4 years later. We still talk and all. I never confronted her because my older sisters told me not to because it will just give her the authority to go and tell other people about me again. Just ignore others because no one elses opinion matters except the people I care about. I honestly didn't give a shit. I let her talk her shit about me. Hell people look at me and my older sisters all of them with dirty looks because of her. She told people so much crap about me and my sisters and how I just abandoned her that people started pre-judging us when they didn't even know us. My sisters don't care and neither do I.

Well she talks to me like we are still close and I reciprocate in a civilized way because I don't want to be immature about the situation. Now I realize I am immature. However, she writes blogs, update status messages, tell people about how I've done her wrong, but I don't understand what I have done wrong. I just moved on with my life. She even take secret shots at me.

The thing is that people see her as this innocent little girl and people sympathize with her. I don't care, but the thing is I don't understand how she could continue to take shots at me in the dark yet making so obvious that she is talking about me. What makes me mad is how she is using me to get attention.

what I mean is....

She would complain how she misses "someone" that she use to be close too, but friends come and go. She cares about me even if I care about my boyfriend more. I'm not with my boyfriend anymore, but at that time we hung out alot sure, but I never abandoned her. She went with my boyfriend and I on dates and even freaking my boyfriend paid for EVERYTHING. Eventually he felt used because he was dating me not her. I got mad because her dad and aunts and uncles who are really strict use to call me and ask me where she was and when I was taking her home! She didn't ask for their permission to go out! Sometimes they would call my sisters to ask where she is because she never told them where she was. It was so stupid. My sisters told me to talk to her about it eventually and I did. I told her I don't feel comfortable with taking her out because her uncles and aunts might complain again because she lives with her uncle and aunt and sometimes her dad visit because he was busy with work they didn't live in the same city and her mom was out of country for work too.

I even tried to forgive her once, but she screwed me over even bigger. We went out with some friends and some of my relatives and I specifically told her she'll need 30 bucks. She brought 300 bucks. Anyways I was buying a snack and she asked me to get her one too and I told her I brought only 30 because I left my debit card at home and just realized it.She said she would pay for both mines and her lunch if I paid for snacks. I didn't see any harm so I bought snacks for both of us. (We were in a different city where things are a little pricey) When lunch time came she asked me what I was getting for us. I was like "I thought you were buying lunch?" she responded with "didn't you bring like 30 dollars?" I was shocked, appalled, and disgusted. I decided just not to eat at all because I was disgusted. At that point I didn't want to look like I was begging her for money. We went home around 3 Am. I had to walk home because she wanted me to stay at her house and I didn't want too. She told her uncle not to take me home ... I was so freaking pissed I just walked the fuck home with hunger in my tummy =/

Ok so the real question is .... I don't know what her problem is ... why does she victimize herself and tell others I am like this too her when I'm not. ... I am torn between the question of whether I should confront her or not. She keeps taking secret shots at me, but yet she fucking acts like she cares about me.

Another Thing is when my boyfriend and I broke up she went about saying that I deserved it for picking a guy over a best friend of many years, but my boyfriend and i broke up on good terms! We just realized we weren't compatible to date so we are great friends til this day! It makes me mad because people are telling me the same thing. I explain to them, but then they think I'm just making excuses and sometimes it feels like I am. I honestly believe my ex boyfriend and I are good friends so for her to taint that friendship that he and I have by telling people he cheated on me and I deserve it is so wrong. He's a great guy and doesn't deserve that at all. There is this girl he really likes that will not get with him because she believes those lies that he cheated on me.


sarNie Egg
Good grief! She sounds like a piece of work. My advice to you is just don't have any contact with her. Block her number , ignore her texts delete her from your FB. You sound like a caring person and you don't need someone like this in your life. There's a term for people like this girl , emotional vampires. They drain everyone around them.


sarNie Egg
omg! she's a bitch! Bitch! Bitch! :angry: i tell ya! She's using you like hell to get attention and make her look good. I know people like that who would act all innocent but always gossip behind others back. Ditch her! This girl is nothing but trouble. If i were you i would have confronted her!


Just ignored her.Confronting her will give her the power to keep on doing it and laughing about it.
I did a big mistake same thing happen to me,but its my own sister.(make me want to throw up when I said"sister")
I tried to help out,but she keep on saying negative things behind my bad even go on myspace and email my friends saying horrible things.Shes just full of negative.After i heard about it and see what she said about me.i went over to her house and confronted her and it gotten even worst.She kept on doing it..So ur sis is RIGHT.Ignored her! Don't confront! It makes matter worst. Ignored the negative thoughts of words and their jealousy.Do whatever will make you happy. Whatever she said won't matter.
The truth will set you free!
I'm a stupid person.I just figured this out 2008.
No one will help you out.
You have to be the one to help yourself.
So,do whatever make you happy.
Ignored all the lies and drama.
I know its hard!

Good Luck!

Pretty sure this is not the end of her.She will probably keep on
talking about u.
This kind of person never stop.Just be a better of a person and ignored.Don't
let her game get to you.

She wants attention.
She wants peoples to think shes the good one and your the bad person.
She wants other to hate you. I know hate is a strong word.But
theres no such thing as a nice,soft,and gentle hate or else she wouldn't
do that to hurt u so much.
Ignored her!

Good Luck Again!