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She knew it had to be done. She signed the contract already and they already came this far. She heard the bathroom door open; he was leaning against the door and unbuttoning his cuffs. “Well let the show begin.” She swallowed and tried to breathe calmly. Her hands slowly pulled the zipper down on her dress as she slipped it off her body to reveal sexy black lingerie. She felt cold but knew she had to finish, he was looking from head to toe. He liked what he saw, “Continue…I want to see ALL of it.” He chuckled. She wanted to cry, “Be strong. Do this for your family.” Her hands were trembling as they unclipped her bra and pulled down her panties. He smiled and took off his shirt. He liked the size of her rounded white breasts and everything else looked amazing he couldn't wait to have her, he could already feel his member hardening. “Good girl, now show me what you can do….in bed.”


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whoaaaaa.. so many mature and rated ffs these days ahaha..
i might stick around with this one since it's ATEAM and i'm missing them ahaha.. XD


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He swore revenge for his mother and father and today Aum Atichart Chumnanont would keep his promise. It was because of her father that his parents were gone, because of one cold-blooded man the two most important people in his life were gone. The only other person he could count on was his brother Nadech. He had to take care of him, Aum's father was part of a mafia, he joined it for quick money to support the family. But one night his father went out and never came back, the next night people broke into the house and capture his mother. Aum was studying abroad in America and quickly came back. He went home and found Nadech crying and a letter.

If you want your parents back bring me $100,000 & the brief case and they will return safely.

Aum quickly took out the money and brought the secret brief case his father locked up in the safe. He brought Nadech to his aunt's house and went to the old warehouse his father always made deals at. As soon as he entered, there was a man sitting behind a table waiting for him, strange no body guards. He was like any old mafia, chubby, golden teeth, had an illegal prostitution business, and was smoking a cigar. The man laughed, "Oh, my dear boy Aum you came." Aum: "Of course, I would never abandon my family like you, Sombat." Sombat: "Ouch, that really hurts. Now bring me the suitcase and money." Aum: "Where are my parents, oh they're here somewhere I think they maybe playing in the back." He chuckled. "Bring them out boys." In came two bodyguards with his parents tied and blindfolded. His dad looked beat up and torn clothes, his mother looked fine. Sombat: "We don't hurt ladies, so your father took the beating for your mother, sweet huh." Aum: "Let go of my parents then I will give you the case and money." Dad: "Aum no, don't give it to him." Sombat: "Shut up or I'll shoot you." Sombat: "Very smart young man when you come into this business I'll make sure you'll part of my corportaion." Aum: "I'll never go into something as sick as being a mafia." He laughed louder, "My oh my you are just making me laugh today Mr. Atichart. You stupid fool." He gave the guards the signal and they pushed his parents towards him, Aum threw the suitcase and money at them. Sombat: "Oh wait I said I'll give you back your parents, I didn't tell you if they were going to be dead or alive." The two body guards aimed their guns at his parents and shot them in the head. Aum ran to hug them. Sombat: "Hahaha have fun burying your dead parents." With that Aum got up and shot Sombat three times, there was so much anger and hate in him. The two body guards were about to shoot at him but Sombat was blooding too much they dragged him into the car and quickly left. Aum was left there mourning his dead parents. "Mom..Dad...please don't leave us...Nadech needs you." Dad: " must take revenge for your mother and me. The man who planned…his name is Artit Paksukcharern. You must hurt him like he hurt your mother and me." He remember his mother’s last words to him, “Aum my son, take care of your brother, make me a proud mother. I love you both very much. I will watch you two in heaven.”

He wiped his tears and prepared for an attack.

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Oh wow. How sad, Aum is gonna hurt my poor innocent Aff. Thanks for updating, this fanfic is really interesting.


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He wore the best suit in his closet and rounded up his best men. Today was the wedding of Mr. Artit Paksaukcharer and he was intending a grand entrance. Aff was in her dressing room freaking out about this marriage. She was about to marry Vincent Lou, he was Thai-Chinese and had a huge shipping business in Hong Kong and the U.S. and now opening one in Thailand. Her father picked him out for her, she missed her mother more than anything. The night before she was crying her eyes out hoping to get out of it somehow. Vincent was the dream man, muscle, handsome, rich, and charming but there was something about him that wasn't right. He was a very secretive man and always carrying around two cellphones. But her father assured her it was because he was a big businessman. She looked in the mirror and scanned her dress, Vincent picked it out, he picked out everything. She wasn't even sure if it was her wedding. Her cousin Yaya came into the room and told her it was time. "I'll be out." Yaya closed the door, Aff took a deep brethe and turned around to face her future. But as she turned there was someone else in the room, he was in a black suit and cery handsome. Aff got scared, "Who are you? If you're lost the wedding is that way." Aum chuckled, "Ms. Taksaorn I assure you that I'm in the right place. Don't be scared, it's your wedding day I'm just here to help." Aff: "I didn't ask for any help." Aum: "I'm sure you want to get out of this marriage your father planned for you and you have something I want." Aff: "What could I possibly have that you want?" Aum: "Actually, the real answer to that is you are something that I want." Aff: "I'm sorry I can't help you find what you are looking for. I have to go now it's my wedding." Before she knew it Aff was knocked out. Aum: "Good job Chai, now take her through the secret hallway and put her in the car, I'll drive."

Aff woke up in a strange room, she was dizzy and her hands felt numb. She couldn't move her legs. She tried to get up put her hands and legs were tied! "What the hell is this?!" Aum sat at a table in front of her with a glass of Scotch in his hand: "Don't be scared Ms. Taksaorn you're in a safe place." Aff:"You! What is this, I'm getting married today. I need to get back to the church and get married! Let me go! My dad is going to kill you!" Aum: "Don't worry I'm sure he won't kill me if he knew I had his precious daughter with me. Now you are going to get out of that ugly wedding dress and wear this one I picked out." He pulled out another white dress, Aff had to admit it was a beautiful dress. "No you can't make me and why would I get out of this one and wear that one it's stupid! I'm not going to change." Aum: "You ask so many questions! You either wear this dress nicely or I'll ripe that dress off you and put you into this one!" Aff: "You're mean! I already hate you!" Aum: "Hate is such a strong word, Ms. Taksaorn I don't have patience with you today so make your choice now." She hated having no control, the men in her life always control her and never give her a chance to decide for herself. "I'll change into it." Aum: "Don't try anything funny, I have a maid waiting in here and guards at every corner and be quick." She didn't understand why this idiot would have her change into a different dress. She barely knows him and he's already ordering her around. After she put the dress on Aff felt better, she did look better too. He has good taste, she'll give him that. After she was down the maid led her to the garden and heard the piano playing a song. "Wait! He isn't thinking can't be...what the hell...." At the end of the aisle was Aum with a priest and his bodyguards in the row with the maids. There was another handsome man at his side, maybe his younger brother. Maid: "Miss Aff please walk down the aisle." She went to go sit down with the other maids. This jerk must not have that many friends, the only people attending his wedding were his servants. Probably because he's a short tempered jerk ass. Her legs didn't want to move down the aisle but something told her if she didn't he'll probably kill her. When she arrived he gave her a devilish smile, "You look beautiful." She didn't look at him. The priest went on and on until he got to the part, "Does anyone object?" Aff raised her voice, "I do!" Aum shot her a look, "We either talk or we won't get married." Aum: "Fine! Excuse us!" He dragged her back to the front of the aisle. "What?! Can't you see we're getting married!?" Aff: "You jerk! WE!? Are there not enough girls in this world that you picked me?! I'm getting married today not you!? Bring me back!" Aum: "How can you say that baby we are getting married now! It's my wedding too!" Aff: "You know what I mean?!" Aum: "I can get any girl to marry me if I wanted it's just that I want you to marry me." Aff: "No I don't have to do this if I don't want to." She was about to walk away when Aum pulled her back. "Leave and I make sure that everyone in your family is dead." Aff froze. Aum: "We either do this nicely or others will get hurt." Aff: "If you hurt my family I will never forgive you." Aum: "Good then, we have an understanding now let's get back to the ceremony our guests are waiting. It's not nice to let them wait Mrs. Chumnanont." Aff: "Be quiet who said I'm changing my last name." Aum: "We'll see about that." Aum dragged her back to the ceremony and the priest finished his prayers. Aum slipped the ring on Aff's finger and she the same to him. Priest: "You may now kiss the bride." Aum grabbed her waist and kissed her passionately in front of everyone. She had never been kissed before, he even stuck his tongue in her mouth and played with her. His bodyguards cheered, "Yeah boss! You kiss her! Woot!" After he was done Aff wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, "Gross." Aum: "Baby, I know you liked it." He chuckled and held her hand and led her down the aisle.


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Yadech is in here too? I hope they end up as a couple lol. Getting good so far!
Lol, yes! I'm so in love with Yadech right now and I see them everywhere! Plus it was just Yaya's birthday and I saw your banner so I thought about putting them in here too!


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Awhh yes! Yadech and Ateam in a FF together! That's like double happiness for me :dance1: Thanks Napat01. You're so fast with updates. Much appreciated! :) I can't wait to read more.

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Loving the update. Aum is definitely a no nonsense and controlling man. Wonder what's gonna happen next.


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Aum lead her upstairs, she just noticed how big his mansion was. Aff: "Where are you taking me? Stop going so fast I'm going to trip on this big dress you picked out." Aum: "You complain too much! Just keep walking I'm getting impatient here." Yes he was getting very impatient and dying to have his bride right now.

Nadech left the mansion through the underground tunnel. Aum didn't want anyone seen leaving the mansion because he knew Artit would send men to watch. He wasn't sure what Aum's plan was but he wanted to get out of the house. He missed his mother and father more than anything at the moment.

When Aff didn't show up at the alter, Artit got worried. Did she decide to back out? He ran into her dressing room and found a note stuck to the mirror.

Hello Artit,

So sorry to crash this wedding but I'm going to have to take the bride on a trip. I hope you won't mind me borrowing her for a while. I know you'll be watching. This is what I call sweet revenge.


Artit crumpled the paper and threw it furiously on the ground. Shit! What was he suppose to do now? Yaya came into the room, "What's wrong Uncle? Where's Aff?" Artit: "Somewhere. Go call off the wedding." Yaya looked at him for a moment and then went to tell the guests of the news. She was so confused on the ride home no one talked. Vincent and Artit went into his office to talk while Yaya went to go sit outside with Aff's two older brother, Nott & Chai. Vincent: "Where the hell is she? Did she back out of this?" Artit: "No, it was Aum. He came and kidnapped her. That son of a... I should have had higher security." Vincent: "What do we do now? We need to go get her back here, it was part of our deal." Artit: "I know, but it won't be easy. He has high security now and there's no way he's going to let go of her easily." Vincent: "He needs to leave his house at some point we'll go get her then." Artit: "It's not that easy Vincent, the part of town where he lives has high security everywhere. All he has to do is give money to the security guards and they won't allow us in." Vincent: "They won't let us in, but they'll surely let Yaya, Chai or Nott in easy."

Yaya lived with Aff ever since she was young. Her parents passed away from a terrible illness and she was forced to live with her uncle. Nott, Chai, and Aff made it bareable for the most part, she was like a sister to her but now with her gone Yaya didn't know what to do.

Nott: "I hope Aff's okay."
Chai: "I'm going to get the bastard who took her."
Yaya: "I miss her. We should go find her."
Chai: "Yeah but where, the kidnapper could have taken her anywhere."
Nott: "I bet Dad could help us find her."
Then the maid came in, "Miss Yaya, Master would like to see you."
Yaya entered her uncle's office, "Come here my dear."
Vincent: "We need your help. In order to get Aff back we need you to go visit her."
Yaya: "You know where she is?!"
Artit: "Yes but you must not tell anyone, not even Nott or Chai."
Yaya: "But why?"
Artit: "They won't be able to keep it a secret. Now Yaya, you need to pack because tomorrow you will be leaving."
Yaya: "But where?"
Vincent: "You'll find out tomorrow."
Yaya excused herself to go pack. There was something going on between those two, they weren't tell her something. She was just glad Aff was okay but not sure how they knew where Aff was.

Aum brought her up to his study room. Up there there was a lawyer waiting for them. Aff: "What is this?" There were two folders one with their registration license and the other a contract.
"You sign there and I sign here Mrs. Chumnanont." Lawyer: "Mrs. Chumnanont I assure you that everything from the marriage license to this contract are in your benefits."
Aff: "Isn't the marriage ceremony enough why do we have to sign this and a contract?"
Aum: "You see, let's read the contract first." The lawyer handed Aum the contract, "If Miss Aff Taksaorn Paksukcharern refuses to sign the marriage license but has performed the marriage ceremony already, I, Aum Atichart Chumnanont have the full privilege to either of my choice to 1) Terminate her whole family 2) Get rid of her family"
Aff: "What's the difference?"
Aum: "If I terminate your family, I personally will walk into your house and shot them myself, if I decide to get rid of them then well, I'll have some other people do it for me. Everything will be covered up without a trace. The police will never know about it."
Aff: "You're lying. The police will believe me if I tell them."
He chuckled, "Who said you'll be alive."


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Ahahaha the chap got me all giddy hehe.. Aum's contract is so funny :)

uh ohhhhh.. Wonder wats gonna happen to yaya :(


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Wow. Aum is one crazy man--either he goes in and shoots them or hire assassins. I feel sorry for those who try to mess with him. :numchuck: