Sia Tsai (Regrets)


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LOL it'll be fun to read if May character like Lek!!
Seem like May had already read LekRin future!!! haha
I've decided to create an account so that I can post up my comments on this story, and the other one. 
But first, OMG!!! I can't wait until the next update because it seems to be a very plot twisting story with Wattana liking men (based off from the family tree) and Patcharin married to Wattana, but is connected to Annawat somehow. And the monk in the beginning causes a suspicious aura.....  


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Calligraphy Are you still gonna continue to write Fiction after finishing this and Ancient Love. I hope you do, I really like your stories and style!! casts also!!


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Calligraphy Are you still gonna continue to write Fiction after finishing this and Ancient Love. I hope you do, I really like your stories and style!! casts also!!
Awww.... Thank you so much :spin: ! However, I feel like my stories is lacking something, but I don't know what it is. I feel like its the flow, or that I am not descriptive enough. I'm not sure which one, but I know for sure that there is definitely an area for me to improve.  :scratchchin:


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It OK , nobody is prefect , sometime what you thinking is lacking, its not what ppl see ^^ kept up the good work.


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Episode 1 Part F
Wattana was sitting outside in the neatly constructed garden waiting impatiently for Patcharin to arrive at his house. Once in a while he would give out a heavy sigh as he took quick glances at his leather watch. The sun was already starting to set, and yet, Patcharin was no where to be found; the heat that the sun generated irritated Wattana. He started to build up some anger because of the humidity and Patcharin, so therefore Wattana decided to go back into the house where everything was much cooler than outside. On his way to the house, he noticed car door slams outside of the house’s gates. There were two door slams, but the first one was louder than the last one. Wattana twisted his body towards the gate to take a sneak peek out of curiosity, and to his surprise, it was Patcharin and May.
Patcharin’s eye met with Wattana as soon as she spotted him looking towards her direction. He had maintained his youthful and handsome look for the past years, which wasn’t anything unexpected to Patcharin because ever since when they were kids, he had always been an extremely hygienic person. Wattana disliked anything that would make his clothes become dirty, such as: cooking, playing outside, and sometimes it can even be an activity that Patcharin invited him to join. If it was going to make him feel nasty in anyway, he would always object the idea.
As the gates opened up for Patcharin and May to enter, Wattana ran towards the gates with an excited feeling. Just seeing Patcharin as a grown woman for the first time was something that Wattana was anticipating for. He remembered that when Patcharin and her family left for Austria, he told her that when does she comes back, she better come back as a mature lady. The impression that Patcharin displayed in front of Wattana after several years, had proven that she indeed followed Wattana’s words. When Wattana reached Patcharin and May, who had already walked through the open gates, he simply greeted both of them genuinely. “Welcome back Nong May, and Nong Rin.” Patcharin greeted him back as she was carrying the kanom that she bought for Wattana a few minutes ago, while May quickly corrected Wattana’s statement as she linked her arms into Patcharin’s. “Nong Rin? Pssstt… why not ‘my lovely wife Rin’,” May bursted out laughing by herself. Wattana continued to stare into Patcharin’s eyes as if his eyes were glue onto it. On the other hand, Patcharin was also intensively captivated by Wattana’s attention that he was giving her, and kept her eyes only on Wattana. May walked beside the two lovers, and yelled, “Eh! Can we go into the house now?” Wattana twitched, and then gesture his right hand towards the house. May took the lead in walking towards the house, and then Patcharin, then Wattana.
The first thing that Patcharin looked when she entered the Naowarot Mansion was the family painting that was hanging in the middle of the entrance. She laughed to herself quietly because seeing her younger self was rather embarrassing. Wattana realized that Patcharin was paying attention the family painting, so he snuck up behind her, and whispered to her ears, “You look more beautiful than you used to.” Patcharin turned around swiftly, and spotted Wattana gazing into her eyes. Patcharin’s was flattered about the comment, and placed a playful slap on Wattana’s chest. “P’Wat, don’t say that. It’s embarrassing,” complained Patcharin to Wattana who was smiling hysterically. Patcharin changed the topic by handing Wattana the kanom that she bought earlier to him. “Here, I bought this for you as an apologetic gift for not being able to visit you right after when I reached Thailand.” Wattana looked down at the gift. “What is it,” asked Wattana. “It is your favorite kanom, Look Choop,” answered Patcharin as she eagerly waited for Wattana to take the kanom away from her. “You still remember my favorite kanom. Thank you so much na!” Wattana snatched the kanom away from Patcharin and walked to the kitchen. Patcharin followed him since she wasn’t use to the house like back then.
Wattana laid the box of kanom on the table, and opened it. To his surprise, the design of the kanom reminded him of Annawat’s: bright colored miniature imitation of fruits. He shrugged at the thought as he placed one of the detailed Look Choop into his mouth. Patcharin walked into the kitchen, and stood in the kitchen awkwardly looking at Wattana who was hungrily gobbling down his third Look Choop. The taste of the Look Choop in Wattana’s mouth made him more suspicious on who made the kanom because the taste was similar to Annawat’s. The Look Choop was extremely sweet, and it had a tiny hint of salt in the aftertaste. However, it was a pleasant thing to chug down on. Wattana nodded his head in satisfaction after he finished munching on the Look Choop that was in his mouth. “Is it really that good,” inquired Patcharin. Wattana finally turned and faced Patcharin with one of the kanom in his right hand. He shook the kanom as he asked, “Do you know who made this?” “Why do you care,” countered back Patcharin. “It tastes like Annawat’s Look Choop,” answered Wattana as he pulled out a chair for him and Patcharin to sit on. Patcharin expressed a confused face due to the fact of the unknown name that Wattana blurted out. “Who is Annawat? Is he a new friend that you got over the past years,” questioned Patcharin. “Long story short, we adopted him eight years ago, which makes him my younger brother. You should meet him, he is a really polite person,” suggested Wattana while he threw one more Look Choop into his mouth. The name that Wattana mentioned caused Patcharin to go into a deep ponder. In some ways, she felt that she had already met this person, Annawat.
The sun was starting to set as Annawat was preparing to close his vendor. As he was tidying up everything, the thought of the young miss that afternoon approached his mind. He was curious if that young miss was Patcharin, his future sister-in-law, since they looked similar. Annawat dismissed the thought for the moment, and continued to pack up his kanoms. After he quickly cleaned up his vendor, he placed everything inside his old house, and dismissed the routine to lock his door because he had believed that no one will ever break into his house. As he closed the door behind him, he said to himself, “I haven’t slept at P’Wat’s house for a week now. Maybe I should go sleep over tonight.” He walked towards his gray car that his parents bought him a year ago; it was located across the street.
Patcharin, May, Wattana, and Wattana’s parents were having their dinner as they enjoyed talking about May’s and Patcharin’s experience at Austria. However, Malai suddenly broke the fun conversation by asking Patcharin a serious question, “Rin, since you are done with your studies in Austria, are you ready to get marry to Wat? We believe that it is the right time to get marry, and for Wat to start starting his own family.” The question was abrupt and unexpected, which caused Patcharin to drop the spoon that she was holding onto the plate below her hand. She blushed at the question and stared towards Wattana, who was sitting diagonally from her. Wattana looked right back at her, and gave a quick smile towards her. He then resumed eating his plate of food before him as he left Patcharin alone to answer the question. Patcharin twisted her torso towards Malai and Nopadon after she composed herself, and stated, “Aunt and uncle, if you guys want me and Wat to marry as soon as possible, then I am willing....” Her sentence was cut off by Wattana’s overpowering angry voice, “I am not willing to marry Patcharin yet. Please give us some more time.” Wattana rudely stood up from his seat, causing the table to shake, while he glared at Patcharin. Patcharin had no idea what Wattana was up to. This afternoon, he was so cheerful towards her, but all of sudden he announced that he doesn’t want to marry her yet. In some way, the statement that Wattana commented slightly offended Patcharin. Wattana walked away from the dinner table in a grumpy mood with an annoyed voice. He disappeared in front of everybody’s view in an instance. Patcharin stayed calm while May on the other hand was reacting to everything. “When did Wat started to act like this aunt and uncle,” asked May to Malai and Nopadon. Malai looked a Patcharin with a pitied look, and said, “Rin, Wat might just be saying that for now. Don’t worry about it too much na.” Patcharin politely nodded her head as a response.
The dinner ended with an unpleasant aura, the darkness outside even matched the tension. Patcharin felt uncomfortable staying any there any longer, so as soon as they gathered together in the living room, she told Wattana’s parents that she would be leaving. “Rin, it is already late. Why are you in a rush to go home, are you crazy” asked May anxiously. Malai and Nopadon’s face expression seemed to have expressed what May expressed too. “I still have some stuff at home to unpack, and I don’t want to wait any longer, so I will be going home and finish them tonight. If Nong May wants to sleepover then she can go ahead and do that,” said Patcharin to Malai. May quickly gave out a relieved sigh, and walked over to the couch. Malai looked out the window from where she stood causing her to tip-toe. “I won’t stop you if you want to go. I will go tell one of my driver to take you home since your driver isn’t here.” Patcharin quickly grabbed onto Malai’s arm to stop her from alarming the driver to take her home. “Khun Aunt, I can walk home myself na. It will probably only take me at least 35 minutes to get home, just consider it as me doing my daily exercise.” Malai grabbed onto Patcharin’s hand. “However, the sun is almost down. By the time you reach halfway, it will be very dark.” Patcharin shook her head with confident as she smiled. “Don’t worry na. If it is dark, then I will just run. Besides, there won’t be anyone to bother me since it will be dark outside.” Patcharin distanced herself from Malai as she did her farewell to Nopadon and Malai. Both of the parents farewelled her too. After that, Patcharin speed walked towards the entrance door; soon enough, she was well pass the gates. Malai and Nopadon worried about her safety as they tried to follow her with their fret eyes.
Patcharin knew that walking alone during the dark hours wasn’t the most safest and wise idea, but she didn’t want to bother anyone to take her home, and she didn’t want to sleepover because of what happened during dinner. As she speed walked to her house, she thought about Wattana’s words. She didn’t know what to feel about it whatsoever. It seemed like she should be completely hurt by it, but in some ways she actually felt relieve that Wattana rejected the idea immediately.
In front of Patcharin path stood a wealthy-like looking man. He had a tight polo that squeezed his torso, which caused his fitted body to be easily exposed, his hair was slick back, and his polo shirt was nicely tucked into his dress pants. Without noticing the outstanding man, Patcharin accidently bumped into the man’s left shoulder as she was in deep thoughts about her feelings towards Wattana. The man caught onto her shoulder quickly for the reason that it seemed that he had a huge impact against her body, causing her body to repel back aggressively. The man creepily checked out Patcharin’s body, then to her face, as he firmly held onto her shoulder. “Beautiful,” uttered the creepy man with a smile. Patcharin felt disgusted by the man’s tone of voice, therefore causing her to break away from the man’s grip. She quickly apologized and thanked the man for catching her, then proceeded to speed walk to her house. This time, it was more like running than just speed walking. The man quickly caught onto Patcharin’s thinking, and chased after her like a wild beast that had been unleashed. Patcharin saw that he was running after her from the corner of her eyes, so she took off her high heels, and ran even faster than before. Although Patcharin used all of her energy to run away from the man, her power wasn’t able to out beat the man. He quickly caught up to her, and snatched onto her arm. He forcefully turned her around, facing him, and aggressively pulled her by her hips so that her’s and his are touching each others. “Miss, lets be husband and wife tonight. I will take responsible for everything,” demanded the man. Patcharin tried to escape from his grasp as he leaned into her neck, kissing her. In a panic, Patcharin screamed for help as loud as she can, but since it was already dark, there was no one to be spotted.
Annawat was driving to the direction of his house, but on the way there, he saw the girl that looked like Patcharin on the sidewalk with a man. The man looked like he was violently forcing himself onto the girl, and worst of all, Annawat was able to read the girl’s lip that is saying, “Help me”. Annawat quickly parked his car in the middle of the street and hastily opened the car door. He ran up to the girl and the man as he yelled with his finger pointing at the man, “Stop it right now!” The man lessened his grip on the girl due to Annawat’s voice. The girl quickly broke herself away from him, and ran towards Annawat with a traumatized face. Annawat pulled her towards the back of him as if he was the shield for her. “Who are you to be harassing an innocent woman like that,” questioned Annawat to the man angrily. The man proudly walked towards Annawat with a smile on. “This miss was walking alone in the night, so I just wanted to help her out. Thats all.” The girl unhide herself from Annawat’s back, and argued back, “Liar! You tried to sexually harass me.” Annawat gave the girl a quick glance, and then continued to lecture at the man. “Hey, Khun, I can easily report you to the police station.” Annawat inched closer towards the man as if he was going to drag him to his car, but was suddenly stopped by the girl’s grasped. Annawat turned his face towards the Patcharin-look-alike, and waited for what she was going to say. “Khun, lets forget about this problem. He didn’t do much harm to me anyways, no need to report this to the police,” pleaded the girl as she held tightly onto Annawat’s arm.
Because Annawat and Patcharin was busy talking about the case, the man silently pulled out a pocket knife out of his pocket, and walked towards Annawat and Patcharin sneakily. “Hey, Khun!” Annawat turned his full torso towards the man’s direction, and without precaution, the man thrusted the knife into Annawat’s lower right abdomen. He violently pulled out the knife and ran away from the scene, leaving Patcharin and Anawat alone in the night street.
Patcharin was in shock with what just happened. She continued to stare at the gentleman who just helped her in awe. His blood was flooding his hands as he had his hand protecting the wound. It looked like the man was going to faint any minute due to the imbalance of his stance. Patcharin grabbed onto his body so that he wouldn’t fall, and carefully walked him over to his car. Opening the door was a struggle due to the fact that the man was losing conscious and his energy to stand up. Patcharin tried to open the door with force, and was successful. She then stuffed the man into the backseat, and headed to the driver seat. Luckily, she learned her driving skills in Austria, therefore making it possible for her to drive. Patcharin gave the gentleman in the backseat one last look from the driver’s seat, and then it hit her. This man was the man that she bought the Look Choop from earlier that day. This made her blood even rush more. She vigorously started the car engine, and headed towards the man’s vendor shop. For some reason, Patcharin clearly remembered where his vendor shop was located.
Patcharin reached the area where she remembered where the man’s vendor shop was located. She remembered the house that stood behind the vendor, and believe that that house was the man’s house. Patcharin quickly got out of the car, and headed to the backseat where the non-conscious man was laid. It was hard for Patcharin to pull out the man, but she was able to manage to. When she was able to pull the man out of the car, she hooked the man’s right arm onto her shoulder, and asked the man, “Khun, is this your house?” She could tell that the man gave a small quick glance at the house, and then nodded his head slightly. Patcharin was glad that she came to the right house. She then proceeded towards the entrance door. The door was unlock luckily, so there was no hassle in finding the key to open it. Patcharin bursted towards the door, and found herself in a small spaced home. She saw a bed peeking it’s end in room that was straight across from them, so she assumed that that was his bedroom. The man was getting heavier and heavier each step that Patcharin took. When she reached inside the bedroom, she tried to place the man onto the bed gently. However, as she was leaning the man sideways to lay him down on the bed, she lost her balance due to the man’s dominating weight. Her whole body fell straight onto the bed, and so did the man.
Although Annawat was unconscious, he felt that there was someone underneath him. He tried to remove his body from the body underneath him, but failed to do so because while he was doing so, he suddenly lost all of his energy, and passed out. The last thing that he heard was a woman’s voice yelling, “Khun!Khun! Are you alright?”
Sorry that it took forever for me to update. 


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They're already staying in the same bedroom already!!?!?!?!?!?!?! Things are escalating fast here!!!  :woot:  :woot:
What's up with Wat's attitude anyways? he sounds so bipolar.....  :scratchhead2:


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Woah! Is it babymaking time? LOL!!! i know i know.... he is injured.....  :bhehe:
I know..... Wat is so weird, he was acting all lovely, and then suddenly just rejected the proposal. I was like  :shrug:


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Ohh in the same bed!!!! Can we already have babymaking time please :drools: keke 
Wow what's with Wat???