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I first knew of her through the Chandelier song I heard on the radio. I like how she sings "the chandelier" & I thought her voice really sounds unique and I thought she was young in her mid 20s but she was like in her late 30s when she first sang Chandelier. The other song of hers that I like is Cheap Thrills!

She cowrote the lyrics for Rhianna's song Diamonds, a song that I like too.


Cheap Thrills

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I like Sia too. The first song that I listened to of hers was Breathe Me. I think she wrote it when she was going through a tough time in life and was suicidal.. She has a very unique voice and she's humble. Doesn't she sing with her back to the audience sometimes because she doesn't want people seeing her face so she can keep her anonymity? That's pretty cool she doesn't desire that kind of fame.

I really like Sia's Chandelier too, I also like Jordan Smith's performance of Chandelier on The Voice. :icon12: