sarNie Adult
I can understand them playing along side each other but I just can't imagine as n'ek/p'ek. I wonder what was going inside of the producers mind at the time. I'm sure they could've use other actors/actresses. I guess, it's all done and said. They are still cute siblings that is.. :D


sarNie Hatchling
I know the idea of incest is "ew" to most people but I'm kind of logical about it. Ok, my first thought is ewww! too but then I think about it. The taboo against incest is actually a social thing (other than religiously that is), part of the reason why it's not accepted is because incestual relationships makes for greater risk in birth defects and genetic flaws for any kids that are born from that. But hey, ancient Egyptian royalty and other royalties throughout history practiced intermarrying because they wanted to keep the money and power in the family. Also, there are some societies that view those kinds of relationships acceptable.

Hehe, I type/talk too much. I've actually never seen Boy's and Bee's lakorns together all the way through but I have seen their scenes where they hug and I though, dude, they have no chemistry. Now I know why, fore sure! I'm just saying, I don't support it but I don't condemn it either.


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:shocked: big news to me... I think if the producers haven't stopped giving them roles together, it's about time they should stop! Wonder if both sides knew about them being siblings & all...


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i understand that it is only acting and siblings may be affectionate but i am still disturbed by the idea. when you play a role a certain degree of chemistry and emotions are brought forward and to play out such role with your brother or just doesn't pan out right. :huh:


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Of course the producers knew they were siblings..Come on..! Both Bee and Boy acted for CH7 since they were kids..For Sailohit that is...Anyways..The reason why they paired Boy and Bee up was because they wanted them two to start out a rising new faced stars...So they can be promoted at the same time..It's not a big deal anyways because they had only 2 lakorns together which is because Pra Suton-Manora is a sequel from Nang 12..And Nang 12 they weren't the main ones anyways..The Pra Suton-Manora one was...Hopefully I didn't confuse anyone..

Muddie Murda

I thought it was made clear that he was Bee Namthip's brother. ????????????

But reading this is getting me all confoosed. :unsure: