Slow Burn


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Chario/ChadaOh/Marida is my CRACK….I NEED them hahaha…so I been re-reading some romance novel and is borrowing from that premises and the same. I couldn’t find a better title. Basically n’k is p’k lil sister BFF type of story.
(I’m not creative w/last names -.-  I suck really bad hahaha)
Slow Burn
Porche Saran, Sammie Cowell, [SIZE=9.5pt]Gun-Jae-Sal[/SIZE][SIZE=9.5pt], James Ma, [/SIZE]
Mario – Colt Maurer (30 yrs old, middle brother)
Mint – Rainie Chalida (25 yrs old, only child)
Porche Saran 30 years old (Colt BF)
Push Maurer (31 yrs old, Eldest Brother)
Sammie Maurer (25 yrs old, youngest)
Gun – Mia Cowell (25 yrs old, only child 1 of Rainie BF)
James Maurer (22 years old, youngest brother)
Chario/ChadaOh/Marida is my CRACK….I NEED them hahaha…so I been re-reading some romance novel and is borrowing from that premises and the same. I couldn’t find a better title. Basically n’k is p’k lil sister BFF type of story.
(I’m not creative w/last names -.-  I suck really bad hahaha)
Slow Burn
Porche Saran, Sammie Cowell, [SIZE=9.5pt]Gun-Jae-Sal[/SIZE][SIZE=9.5pt], James Ma, [/SIZE]
Mario – Colt Maurer (30 yrs old, middle brother)
Mint – Rainie Chalida (25 yrs old, only child)
Porche Saran 30 years old (Colt BF)
Push Maurer (31 yrs old, Eldest Brother)
Sammie Maurer (25 yrs old, youngest)
Gun – Mia Cowell (25 yrs old, only child 1 of Rainie BF)
James Maurer (22 years old, youngest brother)
We all met twenty years ago at the South Street school playground. It was the first day of Kindergarten. Rainie Chalida ended up tackling a boy that was picking on a classmate. He was pulling her hair and teasing her. Rainie told him to knock it off but he continued to bully the girl and then herself. The next thing she knew, she had him on the ground. He end up running off crying like a baby.
“Are you ok?” asked Rainie
“Yes thank you.” Replied the girl
“Are you girls ok? I told the teacher.” Asked another girl as she ran towards them.
“I’m Rainie Chalida.”
“I’m Sammie Maurer.” Replied the girl that was bully.
“And I’m Mia Cowell, let’s all be friends.”
From that day on they became the best of friends. Sammie had two older brothers, but they never really meet them. They were off in boarding school. James Maurer was the youngest brother and closest to their age so they saw him more. Colt and Push were closer in age and five to six years older than them so they barely saw them much.
6 years later – The girls are 11 years old- Colt 16 years old
Honk! Honk!
“Who’s that?” asked Rainie and Mia simultaneously
“That’s Colt, my middle brother remember.” Replied Sammie
“Hurry up Sammie, I don’t have all day to be yours and your friends taxi!” yelled Colt
“We’re coming, Jeezus!” she yelled back
The girls hurried to the car as it began to rain.
“Ugh, it’s raining.” Complained Colt
“huh? You talking to me?” Rainie asked, she thought he called her name.
“What?” Colt ask confuse as Sammie giggle
“Her name is Rainie.” Sammie Chime in.
“You’re the friend with the weird name.” He can see her in the rearview mirror raising an eyebrow to him.
“Where’s Push? I thought he was supposed to pick us up?” Sammie asked
“He had to do something and I owe him a favor to pick up you three monkey’s. Why is your face all dirty?”
“We were playing football with the boys.” Replied Mia
“And we kick their asses!” exclaimed Sammie
“They never had a chance.” Rainie proudly made that statement
“What kind of name is Rainie anyways?”
“Mine.” She replied with an air of confidences with her arms crossed and fire in her eyes. He shook his head at her and laugh. She will be one hellion when she’s older and god help him with the three of them together.
[SIZE=12pt]Chapter One[/SIZE]
13 years later
Girls – 25 yrs old , Colt (Mario) 30 years old
Colt and Porche are childhood bestfriends. They were at boarding school together and end up going to the same college. His sister Sammie is the only girl and she pretty much get what she wanted. Their brother James is the youngest and is just as spoiled. It was Friday night and he is being dragged out to the bar by his siblings. His brother James had a gig at the Bar singing.
“Porche, Where’s Sammie? She wanted us to come soo bad and she’s not even here?” He was exhausted just getting back from overseas five hours ago.
“How the hell should I know, don’t get annoyed with me” laugh Porche
Colt scan the room in search for his sister and found his eyes on a particular person. She looked very familiar but he couldn’t quite figure who she is. He gave her a subtle admiring look. James gave her a hug as he found his way on the stage.
“Why are you staring at Rainie like that?”
“Haha, Dude your staring at her ass!? As far as asses goes, hers are pretty top notch”
“Little annoying Rainie?”
“Not so little anymore, she’s quite grown up with a nice body.” He laughed as he lean over to get a better view of her. “Just the right amount of curve and look like it would be nice and soft…”
“SHUT UP! Don’t talk about any part of her body please and stop looking at her like that!”
Porche gave him a smirk and just chuckled at his reaction.
“Hey, glad you guys can make it. What can I get you guys?” Rainie asked when she reach their table
“When the fuck did you start working at the bar and what the hell are you wearing!?” Blurted out Colt
“It’s nice to see you again too Colt.” She gave him a hellish smile in a sarcastic tone. Porche grin and almost spit out his beer.
“Excuse me Colt, I didn’t realize you’re my “father”. If I remember correctly I had only one and he died two years ago.” She spat out as sweetly as possible. “Porche, another beer? When you Mr. Colt Maurer are ready to stop being an ass and order wave me over.” She told them as she sashay away.
“I haven’t been gone that long? She’s wearing a fucking tight as dress with fuck me Heels. Rainie who rolls around in the mud. Fucking Ryan is making her wear it while working here?!"
“I’m surprise she didn’t deck you for those comments.”
 “Where’s the rest of the girl band?” Colt was asking just as Mia walked through the door. Mia is the more girly girl of the three so it didn’t surprise him when he saw her all dolled up. She beam at them as she came to join them.
“Colt! You’re Back!” she greeted as she gave him a nice big hug.
He’s been oversea working with merging with another company for over a year. She then went over to greet Porche in the same manner. Just as she got settle Rainie came over to greet her.
“The usual?” She asked Mai and she grin in reply. “Colt?”
“I’ll have a rum and coke.”
“Shit, Sammie is in trouble.” Mia exclaimed as she looked up from her phone.
“What happen?” The rest asked in unison.
“She has a flat tire on the other side of town, locked herself out of her car but luckily she was able to borrow someone phone.”
“Where is she? I’ll go get her.” Said both of the guys
“Its ok man, I got her. You just got back not long ago and must be exhausted.” Said Porche
“Do you want me to come?” asked Mia but Porche nodded no. “I got this, you enjoy the night. There’s no need for the two of us. I’ll talk to everyone later.” He said as he finish his beer and got up to leave.
James started his set and they can hear him singing in the background. Rainie left to put their drink order in. She brought back their orders a little later. Mia took her drink and excused herself to listen to James more closely.
“How are you getting home tonight?” Colt asked and she raised her eyebrows at him. No sooner that he ask that question a Busty women sat down at the vacant seat.
“Colt Maurer, When did you get back into town?” She lean towards him with her breast exposed. Rainie rolled her eyes.
“Not long, how are you doing Kim?”
“Good, so are you doing anything after?”
“I’m Rainie ride tonight.”
“I have a ride home tonight, Colton.”
“I know. ME.” She gave him a deadly glare. “You either come with me nicely or I’ll carry you out and make a scene in front of all the crowds.”
She lean in towards him and he can smell her sweet scent and it went straight to his groin. Heaven help him but this hellion is doing things to his body.
“Remember what happened the last time you threaten me?” she raised her eyebrow at him.
Oh he did, she took him by surprise. It was their freshman year of college and the three stooges were at a frat party. Some guys were harassing them and he, Porche and Push went to save them and told the girls to leave and she assaulted his babies. He turn towards her and their face were mere centimeters apart. Challenge accepted. Their eyes pierced at each other with intensity. Kim huffed and left in anger from being disregarded.
“Try Me Rainie and we’ll make a scene right now.” Just as he finish his sentence her knee went up towards his groin but he blocked it in time. “Nice try.”
She yelp as he threw her over his shoulder and began exiting the bar. She was shocked and mortified, luckily for her most of the people were paying attentions to James to notice them. He threw her into his passenger seat.
“Don’t you dare try to get out.” He said as he slam the door closed.
“Are you fucking nuts!” she screamed at him as he sat down in the driver seat. He lean over and buckled her seatbelt for her. “Your NOT my KEEPER!”
The car ride was pretty silence. Winter was settling in and she shivers as she exited his car. He follows her to her apartment. “You can leave now.” She said as she unlocked the doors. He of course disregard her request and push into her apartment.
“What the hell Rainie?” he exclaimed as he turn on the lights and saw the sad state of her apartment. It looked like a hurricane went through it.
“I been working a lot and haven’t have time to tidy up, it’s an organized clutter.” She didn’t know why she had to explain anything to him but she did. He raised an eyebrow at her.
“Are you in some kind of trouble?”
“Do you need money? I can give you some?”
“I DON’T need a knight in shining armour! I can take care of myself!” she was raging mad now. “Who the hell do you think you are to butt in my life like this?”
“Your cute when your angry.” He said to her with a pantying melting grin.
There is no way he was flirting with her. He is so infuriating. She was so dumbfounded she didn’t know how to respond and then he winked at her. She must be in the twilight zone. She know him for most her life and their interaction has always been limited and frustrating. She is sure he does it on purpose because he finds it entertaining and she got him back good a few time as well. He was always such an outrageous flirt anyways.
“Your annoying.” She finally spat out. “Stop bugging me”
“Oh but it’s ever so fun sweet cheeks.” He said as he pinch her cheeks. Ugh she hates that nickname he gave her and surely he says it only to annoy her even more. 


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a short chapter...again I have NO idea where i'm going w/ probably won't be a wicked long FF...Hope you guys like it
Chapter 2
He walked passed her as if it’s his own place. She wish she had a smart comeback but honestly his actions towards her is extremely confusing. They weren’t exactly friends, although he has always act like an annoying older brother she didn’t have. Something seems different tonight though. He has blatantly stared her up and down tonight when before he would barely spare her a real glance. She was his annoying little sister best friend. She was group in the territory of “protection” by the Maurer brothers and
Porche.  She shut the door and turned towards him as he made himself comfy on her sofa.
“You can’t just waltz in here like you own the place.”
“I probably do own this place, why do you think you got a good deal at this complex.” He said raising his eyebrow at her.
“Son of a Bitch.” He winked at her.  
“I’m tired.” He announce as he head towards her bedroom, he loosen up his tie and unbuttoned his shirt. Her mouth was gaping open in sheer shock.
“Ahh…that’s MY room and you can’t just get undress!” she squeal chasing after him. She grabbed his arm to try to drag him back into the living room, but it only resulted in her being pulled towards him and right into his hard body. She swallowed her saliva as their body pressed together. She didn’t dare to look up, but it felt like he willed her glaze to look at his. Oh my god, she can’t handle it. The way he is looking into her eyes make her what to swoon. She quickly averted her glaze before she embarrassed herself more than she’s doing now.
“What’s the big deal? I won’t do anything to you. I’m exhausted and haven’t slept in 24 hours and is about to pass out. You guys dragged me out tonight and you’ll have to take responsibility for my safety.”
“Are you mad?!.... Well that’s not very gentlemanly of you taking a girls bed.”
“It’s ok, I won’t mind sharing.” And he gave her the most heart stopping grin. She end up pinching his arm and he yelp in responses.
“What the hell Rainie! Are you mad?”
“Just making sure it’s not a Fucked up dream.” She smiled to him sweetly.
“That’s my girl, all sass.” As he tuck a strand of her hair behind her ear. She end up pinching herself to make sure she wasn’t dream. Nope not dreaming, but Colt is definitely possess by a ghost or something. “Come on Rainie, you’ve slept over plenty of time and don’t act like we never seen each other naked.” He took off his shirt and dropped his trouser leaving him in his boxer shorts. She badly wanted to look away, but his body is doing things to her body. She gulp and caught his eyes. He had the sexiest body and the smile that will make any girls wet, including her.
“That was an accident! Err…I’ll just go sleep outside.” Her face turn beet red.
“Suit yourself, your welcome to join me anytime.” He closed the door in her face as he handed her an extra blanket.

Rainie thought to herself, “What the hell just happened.” He has always seen her as the annoying kid sister best friend. It must be because he haven’t got enough sleep or he’s playing a mean trick on her. Yup, that’s it. Ahh..she’s way too tired to think. She went to the sofa where she frequently slept on anyways and drifted off to dream land.

What the Hell is he doing? He hasn’t seen her in about 2 years since her father’s funeral and all but pounce on her tonight. He walked around examining her room. He have noticed that she have grown into a beautiful women, but he has always been able to tame and disregarded his thoughts; buried it deep. Sammie mentioned that she was having a tough time and been working like crazy and won’t let anyone help. He remember kind of seeing her on and off during their younger year. He was mostly off at boarding school and traveling when he was a teenager. Whenever she visited and he was home from break, she was such a pain in the ass. All sass. He had always tried to ignore noticing that she was grown up to be a fucking gorgeous women. She was 20 years old then and it was getting really hard not to notice her. He was visiting his parents during the holidays and Sammie brought Rainie and Mai over for the weekend from their college break. He turned on the shower and let it warmed up before using it. He went to his room to get his towel. It so happened that Sammie told Rainie to use his shower because he wouldn’t be there. He walked into a wet dream, a Naked Rainie in his shower. He himself was naked as he open the sliding door and came face to face with a Naked Rainie. He gave her a sheepish grin as she screamed bloody murder and was red all over in embarrassment. Thinking about it now is making him hard. He open the door to check on her and she was sound asleep on the sofa. He went over to her and carried her off to the bed. He laid her down and laid down next to her. He was so exhausted himself that he fell right sleep pulling her into his arms. 


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Very steamy...thx for the update. It's getting good...


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Chap 3
Sammie heard footsteps coming towards her and in self-defense she swung her fist only for it to get caught by no other than Porche. He pulled her into his chest to show his dominance.
“Your brothers taught you better self-defense than that chicky.”
“Let go.” She said in annoyance and pushed herself away. He let go quickly and she bounce back towards her car.
“Classic, Sammie.”
“Whatever.” She knows it wasn’t a good comeback, but she doesn’t need his shit right now. “I didn’t ask for your help.”
“Well too bad, I’m here.” He challenged her with his eyes. She hates his know it all look.
“Well excuse me for ruining your night, but I’m sure any of my brothers and friends would have happily helped me.”
“Just get in the damn car will you.” He gritted out. He had enough of miss sassy pants. “We'll come pick up the car tomorrow.”
She sigh and went to get in the car. Of all the people to come get her it had to be Porche. How embarrassing. He wasn’t someone she wanted to see. When she was 20 years old she confessed that she liked him and he pretty much blew her off and said he thinks of her as a friend. Since then things weren’t exactly back to normal. She pretty much grew up with him and adore him since she can remember. He told her it was a silly crush and she’ll get over it as she get older, well damn; by the way her heart is beating rapidly She doesn’t think she’s over this “crush”.

She sat pouting in the passenger seat. Oh how he miss her spunk. Since she admitted to crushing on him he’s been trying to limit his interaction with her. Their family is like his family. She was young and impressionable. The Maurer were all he had after he lost his family. He can recall his parent’s funeral and he wanted to be alone. Sammie refuse to leave him alone and she sat there with him quietly and since then he swear to protect her; even from himself.

“Rainie, are you ok? What are you doing on the floor?”
It has been a hellish day, she just came back from her father’s funeral a few hours ago. Her friends left awhile ago. She tripped over the books and boxes on the floor and to top it off Colt is here.
“I’m Fine, what are you doing back here?” He left with the rest of them an hour ago.
“You didn’t answer your cell, Sammie and Mia was worried and asked me to check in on you since I’m out and about. Why don’t you have a damn security alarm in this house?”
How the hell does he show concern and scold her at the same time? He was kind of looking at her funny; like a new person.
“Your home alone with no alarm in a flimsy night gown.”
“Huh? It’s not see-through” She replied as she looked down and saw that her robe is gaping open showing some skin. She avoided his gaze as she fixed herself.
The way he was looking at her is making her hot. He lean down towards her and tilt her chin up, tears were in her eyes. It had been such an emotional day. Her dad is all she had. Without a thought he swoop her under his arms and carried her off to her room. She instantly rested her head on her shoulder silently sobbing in the comfort of his arms. He gently put her down on the bed and tilted her chin up so he can see her face. With his thumb he wiped the tears away.
“Thanks.” She said softly as she embraced him and kissed him on the cheek. As she pulled away he wrapped his hand around her neck and pulled her towards him. His lips embraced her hard yet gentle. [SIZE=10pt]His mouth pretty much made love to her's; he was hot and demanding. It was the most breath taking kiss she ever had. She tremble under his touch and that is when he came to his senses. He quickly got up and looked quiet upset. She didn’t know what to say or do. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]“You should get some rest.” With that said he turned around and walked out. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]Rainie woke up from the dream about the time they kissed. She had push that away so far back in her mind that she didn’t even think it was real. After that night they saw each other again at the Maurer Hotel VIP Lounge. She was meeting up with her friends and the boys are there playing poker. He treated her like a kid sister and barely gave her any acknowledgement. He came up behind her and tugged on her ponytail and she swat his hand away. He asked if she was ok and she nodded. He patted her head and gave her his heart stopping smile as he went over to the guys and they started their game. After that day she barely saw him, he was jet setting everywhere on business with the expansion of their hotel business. Since he acted like it never happened, so did she. Until the dream it didn’t exist to her. She wasn’t the typical girl he is seen with, she wasn’t deck out in designer cloths and always put together. She can’t compare to those models he is seen with. She felt an arm around her and it was pulling her closer. She turn around and saw his handsome face and it took her breath away. He snuggle into her even more and her eye bugged out with the feel of his morning wood. She wanted to shriek in shock, she turn over and saw a grin on his face. He’s probably dreaming about those skinny big boobs girls. The thought of that was making her mad, she tried to push him away from her.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]That was the best sleep he had in years. He felt her waking up and pulled her closer to him pressing his morning wood on her. He grin in satisfaction knowing she was getting flustered by it but then he got angry with the thought of any other man sleeping on the bed with her and pulled her in tighter. The last time he had her in his arms was two years ago when her father passed. He was an asshole her for kissing her when she was in a vulnerable state. He have always try to not notice her growing into a beautiful young women. He’ll be dead not to notice but he was always tried to separate his thoughts. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]“Mmm…where are you going?” He asked as he held onto her hands that were trying to push away.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]“I was sleeping on the sofa…” [/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]“I thought you would be more comfortable in the bed.” He replied now with her beneath him as he stared down at her. She gulp. “Good morning sunshine.” He lean in closer and she try to scoot away. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]“Your…hard..” [/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]“Mmm…” He moan, his eyes burning into hers. She made a bigger effort to try to escape and fell right off the bed. She can hear his sexy laughters.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]“Owww….jerk.” she mumbled, she peer up towards him. He blatantly lean down and gave her a kiss on the forehead and then head towards the bathroom nonchalantly. [/SIZE]