Smart Krissada & Ann Thongprasom (CHEEWITRAK vol. 31 no. 1567 October 2012)


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AWWWWWWWWWWWWWH!!!!!!!!!!! They are too cute together!!! :wub: I'm excited to see these two on another magazine cover. :D They just keep looking better and better together and individually!!!! I'm on cloud 9 for them! :cloud9: Smart is looking handsome, and Ann looks beautiful. Together, they're sexy!!! :lol: I bet they're so popular because Ann's fans and the public are looking forward to Ann's return to the big screen. If I take out the "&" in the title's cover, it says, "Smart Ann." :lol2:

So looking forward to Qi Pao, and I'm disappointed it will air in November, but nevertheless, still willing to wait for it. Anyway, this is the second cover for this issue:

The other people aren't as important as Smart and Ann to me. :D


Whoaaaaa ! This is a beautiful cover of them !
I love her hair color !!!
Super excited to watch Qi Pao too :)

Thanks for sharing Maiko(;


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OMGG! Thanks for sharinggggg! They look F L A W L E S S! <3 :drools: :drools: :drools: :coolpix: :coolpix: :dance1: :dance1: :dance1: :dance3: :dance3: