So who's at fault?

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sarNie Coma
Ok, i'm really shocked that a family friend decided to get a divorce from his wife after a 20 yr relationship. He has 2 kids one 16 and one 13 yrs old. Within that week of divorce he immediately married another woman. Apparently she is pregnant too. So did he cheat on his wife during the marriage? His job requires him to travel a lot, which means he doesn't come home for some nights. His excuse for the divorce was his mother not getting along with his wife. I think it's a lot of bull just to divorce for that reason. He could have just been honest and said he was a cheating bastard. So who's to blame? The man or his wife or the woman he had the affair with. I just feel bad for his kids, they have to deal with 2 major events, a new stepmother and a nasty divorce, not to mention having to choose between mom or dad. I say the man and his new woman is too blame, the woman knew he was a married man but yet still managed to steal him away, she could have just stopped seeing him but no she had to pursue him. The man was a good family friend, a real nice guy who loved his kids, yet he had the guts to do this. So who do you think is at fault?


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The cheater husband .. if he wants to remarried -- he should have wait at least a few years after so it won't look so bad like he CHEATED!


The cheating husband is to blame. He caused it. If the girl knew he was a married man, shame on her.


sarNie Oldmaid
The cheating husband because he let temptation get to him. Then he divorces & marries within a week. Shame on him!


sarNie Adult
Thats just sad, getting married as soon as the divorce went through. Hopefully the kids don't follow his examples. Shame on the girl if she knew about him being married and having kids. Just this this week something like this happened here. A girl slept with my friend knowing that he already had a girlfriend. :thumbdown:


sarNie Oldmaid
The husband is to be blamed. he knew he was married yet he cheated on his wifey.
I'm not blaming the pregnant girlfriend because sometimes guy's lie that they are not married or that they are divorced. Guy's are mean. blah.


sarNie Adult
i hate guys and girls that cheats who doesn't want to stay with 1 man/girl for the rest of their life.


sarNie Egg
omg this just remind me of my distant relatives. The dad cheated awhile back, but they are still lives together no problem. Recently the wife cheated with the husband's good friend and the husband cheated again after the wife cheated, the other woman is pregnant. Now they are divorced, good thing all the children are finished college and moved out on their own. What happen to all this cheating now a day.