Someone help me get rid of this DIRT!


sarNie Hatchling
It's embarrassing to say that I have a lot of dirt surface built up on my neck (especially the back) and for some reason, I can't get rid of it no matter how hard I try. :mellow: :mellow: It's proly due to negligence in taking care of myself when I was young (when I was lying on the ground, playing with dirt, going under buildings, climbing trees, etc). I bathe everyday and scrub scrub scrub, I've resorted to buying a toothbrush to scrub the back of my neck. All that and using these soap and body wash products doesnt work. :angry: :angry: :angry: It's kind of weird that every time when I'm in the shower and I use my nails to scrape the dirt off my neck, it comes off in my nails. But when I rub soap all over it, it doesnt really come out, although it turns the soap from white to grayish. Then when I come out of the shower and pat the area dry a little, I can easily rub it off. Still, no matter how many times I scrub, scrape, or rub, it's still there. My neck isn't the only problamatic area, theres my feet, calves and anywhere where my skin folds. Anyone have this problem? Any recommendations? Please, I'm :arrg:


sarNie Adult
it sounds quite normal. i mean, of course i have dirt build-up on all the folds. well having sensitive skin, i can only use DOVE unfragrance soap, and it works quite well for me. but of course, u still have to scrub and exfoliate. i suppose every so often, like maybe twice a month, u can take an exfoliating bath. where u just sit in a tub full of water, get an exfoliator like St. Ives Apricot Scrub or something, and just scrub urself real well. and if u hate havin' that dirt get stuck up in ur nails, u can just buy one of those seafoams or something to scrub urself with. u can get some for not too much at Long Drugs, or CSV or something.

hmmm...good luck. ur not dirty. for if u are, i am too. so i think it's quite normal.


sarNie Hatchling
I think we all have our share of skin problems maybe you can go to one of those beauty salons and ask advice on how to treat your type of skin there. The advice above sounds helpfull too. But don't be embarrased about it, as long as you tkae care of your personal hygiene you're not dirty and we all climbed in trees and buildings and stuff when we were younger i think.


Wanna-Be เจ้าชู้
do you have diabetes?

you should see a dermatologist if you want to know what's really going on


sarNie Hatchling
Thanks for replying and no dynomite, I do not have diabetes. I dont really mind if it's a little dirt like you can only see it when you scrape it off with your nails. But my situation is kind of different, you can SEE the surface dirt on my skin. It's a very distint contrast where around my neck, its sort of a grayish color vs my chest and back where it's a very light tan. Especially on my ankle, it's tan but if I look closely I can see it. And if I scratch it, i get these white flaky thing that comes off, which I dont think are dead skins.


sarNie Adult
Nothing serious. Those aren't really all dirt. It's more dust mix with dirt and also are sweat. You know the air is full of dirty thangz flooding around and landing on our skin. When we take a shower at night we scrub our body and we see it. The next morning we go out and get all that on our body again. Do the same process every day.

Back in Laos, people there uses soft rocks (ones that don't hurt you when you scrub your skin with it) and sticks to scrub their body to remove the dirt/dust. It does help to remove the spot that you scrub but not the spot that you don't scrub. So yea, you gonna have to scrub every night in the shower.


hmmm i think you should go to a spa and get a body scrub treatment o_o


sarNie Adult
dead skin mostly yew can get sponges well dunno if yoo can in US buh sponges with like hard serface use it with a shower gel or soap it makes me cleaner and takes of dead skin and whatever helps with acne too lol and leaves yoo feelin softer :D