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  • anyways it's not that i'm screening your wall comments... it's just that i havent been on for so long that i forgot how to work some of these features... Lame i know haha
    okay after finishing Liem Prai Lai Ruk... i admit it was an Lame ending.... oh wells.... i'm currently watching Sai Soke (Freaken Sad) and Wiwa Wa Woon (Awesome is all i gots to say)..... what about you?
    HI! i'm just replying to message you posted back in august. LOL. i've been away too long. lets see, for Prajun and Wong Wien, i love them both and can't seem to know which one i like better. both drama have points that i really hate and what i really love. however, if i really have to compare, i would pick Prajun because of the meaning behind it, the fatherhood love/affection behind it.
    What's going on?!?! havent heard from you in ages..... what's new? what lakorns are you watching? i'm watching Liem Prai Lai Ruk and it's funny haha
    and you should be watching prajun lai payak. i only have time to focus on one lakorn =( but will possibly checkout taddao in the future. thanks for the heads up.
    Sry, I don't have Thai tv subscription. I usually just find out about them here on sw & then just search on youtube. & with those images of the celebs that I've posted up before were found from the thai magazine sites. But I haven't had much time to search for them lately. Sry, couldn't help much.
    It's break time. I only watch my 30-40 min lakorns since I have no time so yeah. Not sure how the 1hr,20min lakorns are doing. If you wanna check out the 30-40 mins ones that I watch they are khun nu chanthana and proong nee gor ruk tur.
    wow...i haven't talked to you in forever. How are you? I moved away from RI to MD, and I'm back in RI now....Keep in touch!
    Jumluey Gammatheps Hilarious... great cast cause majoritys funny as hell & as for Prasard Mued, it's an interesting remake... i'm a fan of Srita Jensen, if your into mystery lakorn then its something worth watching.
    Because others have a life lol. I think you have to try a little harder if you wanna be a real player. You gotta be somewhat as cool as Cee first lol.
    Benz...there hasn't been much photo shoot of her out at all. There are pics from her lakorns in the lakorn thread.
    -Love that song of Bee P & Lydia. It has very meaningful words :)
    You don't run a good enough search that's why. Anyways...look in the lakorn section. There are pics of her. She's going to be in a lakorn with my love Cee :).
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