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Song Kram Nang Fah
(Battle Of The Angel's)

Thx's fantastic for the wonderful Poster. I know I PM u like 2-3 time's was i bugging you,Sorry, I wanted a poster so i can write the ff. Hope i wasn't making u mad.
Mark Prin
-He's a BIG TIME PLAYER, he flirts with every flight attendant, He is a pilot man. He has a good Job and LIFE is perfect, but his sister and mother is always giving him lectures. He then falls for a girl name Mint.
Mint Chalida
-She is a sweetheart, she is very polite, Everybody likes her. She's a new worker as a flight attendant. She then meet a pilot driver name James. But things turn bad when she meet's Mark, the BIG TIME PLAYER.
James Ma
-James Ma is a wonderful man who never really fall's in love, he has a fiancé name Margie, but wants to break the engagement since they don't love each other anymore. He then meets Mint. And soon to fall in love again.
Bee Namthip
-Her boyfriend is Mark, Her best friend is Nit and Mint. She is also a flight attendant. Until she found out Mark was falling in love with Mint and blamed everything on Mint and lost her job.
Pei Panward
-She was also a new flight attendant 2 years later. Mark then sees her beauty as Mark starts to flirt with her. She also loved Mark that she could do EVERYTHING for him. But she is sometime self-centered. And if she can't have Mark, no one can't.
Nadech Kugimiya
-A close friend of Mark. He is a pilot Man to. He falls for a bickering girl name Yaya. 
Yaya Urassaya
-Yaya was a farm girl, she loved her life as a country girl. But when she goes to study more farming in Bangkok she meets the bickering pilot man Nadech.
Ice Apissada
-She is a DRAMA QUEEN, she is also a flight attendant, her brother is Mark, every attendant girl Mark date is always making her mad cause she hates all of them besides her friends.
Nithichai (Nit for short)
-Nit is best friend's with Mint and Bee. He is always the supporter and a pretty boy. But everyone still loved him.


I LOVE Mark, I hated Pong in SKNF!!!! He was the WORST player, cheater and husband in the history of Thai lakorn! I literally hated him so much I wanted to kick him in the TV for Bee. Lmfao!!!
I would love to see Mark in a jerk/playboy role one day. Lol just hope I can stand him and not want to kick his butt!! LOL!!!


sarNie Egg
Chapter 1 Preview:
"You promise to love me, P'Mark," Bee said to Mark, Mark smirk and leaned in to her. And whispered "I promise," Mark told her. 

Bee smiled big, as Mark hugged her. Stroking her long hair. Bee then stole a shy kiss from him. He tickled her, as they were playing the water, splashing each other.

Mark then carried her to a room. He laid her down on the bed. Bee stared away, trying to avoid his glittering eye. But he told her to look at him. She forced her self to look at him.

She sees him leaning in as their lips touch. He kissed her everywhere. French Kissing her. 

"P'Mark Ka, this is doing to much," Bee pushed him away gently and sat right back up. Mark hugged her from behind kissing her neck. 

"Ok ka, I will wait till you give in to me na." He kissed her neck again. Bee laughed. And turned her head to him. "Crazy Much," She said getting up.

She got up and left his place to get ready for work. 



sarNie Egg
Lol, just b/c the title is SKNF doesn't mean i will make the ff like it. well maybe about Mark's character. Mark's character is gonna be like Pong but more nicer to Mint. LOl.


Lol. No u weren't bothering me at all. I cannot wait to read more na KA. UPDATE. Lol @bieluvr I hope u don't mind me using The Mark Picture u made for the Ruk FF.


LOL, fantastic, I didn't even notice till you mentioned it. haha, I guess i was so used to seeing it that i thought it was a real pic. But no, I don't mind, pics are just pics, there for everyone to use. :)


Bieluvr said:
LOL, fantastic, I didn't even notice till you mentioned it. haha, I guess i was so used to seeing it that i thought it was a real pic. But no, I don't mind, pics are just pics, there for everyone to use. :)
Thxs. Did u put mark's head onto Rome's body lol.


@fantastic Yeah, I did. :) @ruk_Kimbarry, please update soon, I can't wait to read. :)