Soo Sang Tawan (DaraVdo)


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isn't this the same lakorn that was offered to Kob a loooong time ago...i remember she had 2 to choose from and this was one of it


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OMG Rachit play W/ Pancake I can't wait!!!!
Can anyone translate the tittle for me please (what's the meaning)


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Su = share, partake, fight for Saeng = light Tawan = sun

someone must name Tawan in here or just a meaning to this lakorn


Save World Save Life
tle tawan lmao not that one his so dark and not that cute looking I only want to see Tle in here hahaaaaaaaaa nrai miss teen thailand hopefully its someone I like make me wanna watch even more catfight haha


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I saw the preview on this....and I like pr'eng's being aggressive toward pancake. It looked like it's going to be another good lakorn of Pancake. I've never seen this guy in lakorns before. Is he a singer? Is this pr'eng played the supporting role in Veer's/Kwan's lakorn?


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yeah I forgot to tell you guys this but if you notice, the clips of pancake she is mostly wearing black b/c in here, she lost a love one so She will be wearing black almost half of the lakorn


confirmed by Tle himself, this is airing after Kom Faek...wahoooo!!! cant wait! september 2
Wait so is this the one that's taking Kom Faek's slot or is Yuey Fah Tah Din taking Kom Faek's slot? I'm confused, but I wanna see this one more than Yuey Fah Tah Din.