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Yeah in the movie i think it was kinda stupid for them to lip sing...it looks hella fake..and it is...and just stupid...!They could of made it look more real for cartoon to be singing it...! gosh...i think phone was the singer though..and doesn't james sing one of the songs for the movie...well at least it sounds like him!


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Pratinawong album link die. Can it be reupload on megaload or sendspace? It can be load in a rar file, all song in one file and then unzip it later. Or just single.


sarNie Adult
hey ya.. just want to share this video i found from you tube... its sung tong mv... i love the instrumental... listening to the flute makes me want to cry... lol... well here it is... credit to ThanamasFanclub3


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Can somone PLease UL the album above for us PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! Sorry I missed the link when it was available.


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Does anyone have BLA BOO TONG theme & ending songs?
I second that.
Gosh I just went through this whole thread..
Bla Bua Tong has been up-loaded and re-uploaded so many times LOL...
Please do it again.
There's one from Max..But that one wasnt too clear...But I dl it anyway! wooo!!