<span style="color:green"><b>Best Couple --> Noi / Jonny</b></span>


Memories with Oil from his U.S. Tour in Nov 2009!
I want to get the song Jariya sang, and i think Johnny was sick or hurt in the hospital, and he saw her on TV singing that song on stage. Mara Phang...you know which song im talking about right? I dont know where to find it.


sarNie Juvenile
One of my favorite onscreen couple :w000t:

1. Chlauy [Noi wasn't n'ke..lol..]

2. Raroeng Fai

3. The one Noi had a dog. And she had to take care of Johnny child. Cute lakorn. Johnny is alwayz touchy..lol..

4. Taree Bungha? Th ghost lakorn

5. Mae Khun Toon Hua
i LOVE the one with the dog and the lil kid... Very Cute