Sumpowthong(chakrit-Joy rinlanee)


sarNie Oldmaid
i saw some parts of the la korn "Sum pow thong". i want to know what happen to Joy at the end. she and chakrit didn't get eachother? thanks a lot. :)


sarNie Juvenile
:wub: if i'm not mistaken joy and chakrit did not get together at the end...she died at the end...commit sucided...correct if i'm wrong :)


sarNie Egg
in this movies, what i watch Rinlanee did died it shame that they make her died since she suffere so much and in the end she had to die like that and i didn't enjoy this movie either it was too dramtic and couldn't stand the torture from this movies too.


sarNie Hatchling
hm...why the hell she commit suicide? what is the storyline to this lakorn wanted to see it so bad then come out to find the chick dies and the lakorn aint all that lol!