swirlblue artwork


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awwe.. the autumn set is beautiful.. i cant wait till the leaves change colors and get drift away ^_^ hehe..


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I admire your work with nature ... use as it if and add more life to it. Beautiful combination, beautiful outcome. Perfect choice of work and perfect set of mood.
haha. sound like i'm writing a poem but it really is breathe taking to just see all these different angles of a picture -- nicely done!


sarNie Adult
Its been such a long time since I last posted something. I've been making some ff posters lately but haven't posted them up yet. I can't wait for Roy Mai, ateam :heart:.

I love how this one turn out.



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Wow.So Pretty^^
Ateam Wallpaper is so cute!!
I love your beautiful blendings,textures,and brushes!
i love the couples of each poster too,Perfecto Pro<3


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Wow! I love the posters <33 The blendings are awesome
On the first one!! I love everything on them :) Nice work!


sarNie Adult
I think I have improved a lot this year with my photoshop especially with blending not so much with fonts but I'm getting there I think. Thanks for all the lovely comments. I'm having ateam fever now :lol:. I'm making banners of Roy Mai with pictures from their opening ceremony.