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mthai actresses that i like [will do the guys soon] my first time doing this kind and its a rough draft that i was too lazy to edit any mistakes lol

new wallies, nothing much, just practicing coloring/blending



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omgg soo beautiful!! great job keep it up!! hehe if you will can you do some KwanOm plz!?!? I love your artworks and your 2014 banner looks soo AWESOME!!


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I havent seen your work in ages, they're beautiful Thip!  I absolutely love the coloring you did on the Mint one and the Om/Kwan wally :3  Keep it up, keep it up.. they're lovely.  sigh, I wanna ps again.. :(


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heres a few recent one...gosh I need motivations...i have a decease called laziness lol
banner I did for Pancake's 26th bday on May 27

Peek Mongkut

Phope Rak


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Thip, I love, love, :heart: all your artworks, even the ones of the people I'm not a fan of. :thumbsup: Your skills are amazing! :worthy: :bravo: I definitely look to your artworks for inspiration and guidance. :lolyup: I love your blending and ideas! You're talented! :flowers: :kiss: I have both the lazy and procrastination diseases. :lol:


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AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING artwork Thip. Absolutely beautiful. I love the 2014 Thai actresses a lot. And banner of Kwan looks gorgeous!


You're Average Person :)
some updates
this one was requested by a fan

Ruk Rae....excited for their reunion!

Jiranee, finally a wedding concept for them 

just a star-cross lover theme...potential fanfiction? lol