Tai Rom Ngao Ruk


sarNie Egg
Eak. I totally forgot his name but anyways is anyone else but me watching this interesting and extremely good lakorn at the moment?

It stars Tik K. where that guy (the one who played Ah Chee with Joy S.) is a super rich person but because his mother was framed to have an affair she and him got kicked out of the house and now that his father has realized what he has done, he compensates by giving all of his wealth to Ah Chee but unfortunately died before even greeting his son. Tik K plays as an orphan who raises two children and works under Ah Chee's company as a maid.

Anyways...didn't see a thread so was just wondering if anyone can post it up as one of the most recent lakorns.

Or perhaps there is already a thread but I didn't search hard enough for it.


I'm totally with you. I love it a lot and I think it is very very good. Em Apinun is the pa'ek and it's not bad at all. Tik K is extremely beautiful as always. :D What episode are u now? I'm like, finished with 8, and will move on to the next episode this weekend. ^_^ gotta love it. Em plays his role well. Tik is lovely. :D


sarNie Coma
by far im loving this lakorn too..i just saw tape 2 and about to watch tape 3 tonight..love tik k..shes so pretty..and Em..hes okay..he kinda look mean in most of the scene..like hes about to kill someone..lol..if he didnt try to look so mean then he'll be okay


sarNie Egg
I just finished watching Tape 1 and i gotta agree with u guys, Its Good. I really didnt think it'll be good cuz Em usually plays characters in comedies.Gotta admit though in this role he's a bit scary.I can't wait to watch the next 2 tapes. :)


sarNie Egg
tinah said:
its..Tai Rom Ngao Ruk..
Now can someone inform the moderator to move this thread up there so it can be official; actually I'll do that. Hahah. :lmao:

Anyways...I already finished vcd part 4, not sure about the episodes but man Tik is beginning to get on my nerves. She's so irrational towards Em. Em is the cutest thing out there! I so adore him but his acting abilities in this one um are a bit weird compared to Ah Chee and Thangsa. Oh well.

I love all the witty comebacks he uses against those mean family members. He's so hot especially when he threw the wine glass on the ground and then trampled his way to the front smashing plates??!! Wow, that was great to watch him get so mad yet smart.


sarNie Coma
i think he looks cute in this lakorn..and hes good at getting back and saying stuff to his family members who dont like him but i just hate how he has the evil look in his eyes..it makes him look like a bad guy..like hes trying too hard to be mean..but when he acts nice and calm.it makes him look cute..he should stay calm..and act normal..


sarNie Egg
Anyone willing to post this movie up in Buddie Media that' d be cool . I requested but no responses. Soundl ike a good movie so far.


sarNie Adult
I saw alittle bit of this lakorn. Em lookz ok, his best role so far I think. Sometime Tik looks older then him. Anywayz, I can't wait to see the next episode when Em and Tik is about to kiss :wub: .