[Taiwan] An Innocent Mistake (TTV)


Expired Sarnie
Official English Title: An Innocent Mistake
Original Title:
 罪美麗 (罪美丽) / Tsui Mei Li / Zui Mei Li
Original Title Translation: Beautiful Sin / Sin Beauty
Producers: Mag Hsu, Pan Wei Ling
Director: Xiang Xiu Qiong (姜秀瓊)
Screenwriter: Mag Hsu (Hsu Yu Ting / screenwriter of Mars, In Time With You, Lucky Days)
This was a 2012 Taiwanese drama on TTV. Finished this 2 weeks ago and I enjoyed it. I just didn't like the actress. She is not attractive which I am fine with but what bothered me was she did not bring justice to the character she portrayed. There are moments in the drama that literally gets you crying and it does pull some heartstring. Give it a shot despite the unattractive casting.