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Hi all. I'm currently at a stage in my life where I'm dying to know what the heck I want to do. I still have no idea what my true passion is or even if I like something just enough to pursue it as a career. These days, I've been getting extremely anxious and stressed over these thoughts (as I need to make a decision pretty soon) and I needed to somehow calm myself down. So I thought it may help to exchange some information and advice here with my fellow AFers.

What are your guys' career stories? What did you graduate with and what do you work as now? Has everything gone as planned?

Or if you didn't graduate, what career plans did you have in mind and what do you do now?

Have you all reached your goals yet or are you still in the process of getting there or are you still figuring out your goals like myself??


I went for Graphic Arts. Fell in love with a great woman, moved to her small little town out in the country mountains. Got a job with her father in a garage. Fell in love with that and starting to save my own money to start my own garage one day. Had a few offers from tire outlets wanting me to start one in a nearby town but I don't have the finances to do that right now. Still pretty young so I'm looking forward to it. Spoken to my whole life about it and she's supports it whole heartily.


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Stress is normal but don't over-stress yourself. Just take your time finding what kind of career you want because it'll come to you in the end. So... relax and take a breather~~~

Well.. I don't have a career yet *coughcough* I just recently graduated with a B.A. in Communicative Disorder -- focusing on Audiology (but my diploma will just be saying comm dis. for some reason... eh..) I was originally a nursing major when I was at a community college but when I transferred to a four year college I switched my major to Audiology.... and I LOVE it! I can't do anything with a B.A. so I'll have to get a PhD. (I know... just hearing that overwhelms myself at times lol).. My current goal is to take the GRE this summer (hopefully my scores will be decent) and apply to grad schools and hopefully get accepted into one. :worship2:

For now... I'm just a lazy graduated bum who's trying to find a job.... It kind of sucks having no experience.. you know.. *gulps* This is the only negative thing that is stopping me currently.


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Well, I'm not sure myself. A part of me is still questioning myself what do I want, why etc.
I've given up with my studies so many times due to personal issues and mental health. In the past 6 years, I have regrets I could have finished and graduated my course and started working in Fashion industry like I want to do right now. I didn't know what I wanted to do when I finished Highschool but I went straight into a Fashion course that I enjoyed so I continued and still trying to finish and graduate. I want to have my own label and brand one day....
My two best friends are working and both have been traveling overseas, personal traveling and for work which makes me jealous. I really want to go to Europe, Korea and Japan... and ofcourse Thailand and Laos again.


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I didn't know my career path too when I was still in school , I thought about going to the airforce or army b/c I was in ROTC for 4 years LOL but parent said it's to dangerous w/ the world goin crazy . I didn't have a passion for anything besides day dreaming I hit the lottery & became rich & famous. I didn't end up with the job I went to school for. Nope. It was such a waste of money !! I done pay off the school loan though. I realize I can't do office jobs . I get bore. Can't do banking b/c number give me headaches after a while , work at a printing company , I became a roof contractor when ppl was goin crazy filing insurance claim hail storm & I saw an opportunity to make killing $ , so I quit my loan officer job to do outdoor work . And I don't know anything about housing & roof , I'm serious but I took a risk , I have good social skill & very charismatic lol, therefore I was able to get away w/ many mistakes & error before I finally achieve my goal . Sometime, you don't really know what do in life but its good to try different thing but just remember to be positive about it , don't be discourage , a person w/ a job is better than one who doesn't have one . My parents wanted me to have office job, dress pretty, in AC room , blah blah but it didn't last lol . Currently, Im working in a family own business, tattoo/vape shop , I sit around and watch half naked-- man get tatt loll I'm thinking of expanding to a tattoo removal clinic .


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I've been in school my entire life... lol.

When I was in high school my mom got into an accident at work that caused her to become disabled. After I finished high school, I started college, worked full time and take care of my mom and younger sisters. Things got too heavy and I decided to sacrifice my own education so my sisters can have theirs. As my sisters started getting older and going to college themselves, I decided to go back to school, but I still had 2 younger sister i grade school age. I went back part time and dealt with them. My dad works alot so he is hardly able to help with them as he has to support them and my mom. I met my husband awhile back ago and he was a help to me to and eventually enabled me to go back to school full time (this isn't until recently I guess). After being together for some years got pregnant lol (8 years). We had our son last year and again I had to take a break to focus on my son. I went back to school full time when he turned 6 months. He's almost a year now and I'm nearly done! BUT plan on going back to school.

When I first started college like a long time ago, i was Pre-med, planned on becoming a Pediatrician. I was doing well to :(. After my long break, I realized I just didn't have the time and dedication to it anymore. I changed to Business, but I realized that I am not ready for a desk job lol. I am more into hands on and interactive things (one reason I wanted to be a pediatrician). When I was in the hospital a month before having my son (constant low blood pressure so they admitted me). I saw nurses and medical assistants all day for that entire month. I realized I was highly interested in nursing. After I had my son, I switched to nursing. Since I had alot of the pre-reqs and such done all I needed was one years worth of class. I will have to do clinicals to of course. After I finish, I plan on working and gaining experience and then get into graduate school later to become a Nurse Practitioner. The main reason I want to stay a nurse is because it is much easier to switch specializations (so may not be in a rush to become NP). As an RN you just need to do the proper training and certifications, but an NP you would have to find something to specialize in. I want to be a pediatric nurse and eventually a nurse that works with high risk pregnant women. I turn 29 this year sooo it is never too late to figure out what you want. Sometimes it takes someone a year, but for some it takes ten. As long as you have the motivation to continue traveling towards your destination.


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I took up Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management and graduated last March 2015. I really love anything related to travel, culture, countries that's why I chose the course. I was supposed to apply on my own yet some relatives asked me to apply as FA when that time I wasn't ready. So I followed just for the sake of no issues. Got rejected. So I tried to look for other relevant jobs but some need experience like WTF how can we have experience when we just graduated?! I had internship as school requirement anyway. I tried again for other related jobs yet got rejected/no calls are returned.

It's really difficult looking for a job relevant to the course to the point that I got stressed and sad and my emotional well-being got affected. There's even a sense of insecurity when some of your batchmates easily had jobs related to the course or were even petitioned by parents to migrate abroad. Some companies even have unrealistic and too high standards.

Then my mom who's a permanent resident in the UK plans to have me migrate abroad. I really hope it will push through, considering a lot of requirements and money in order for you to migrate from one country to another.

My career plans would be anything related to travel and tourism, airline industry, hotel and restaurant. If only I was good in Math and concentration lol I would have taken up Engineering.
I'm also interested in fashion, technology, food, entertainment.

I also have plans to have a Master's and PhD degree but of course money is the main issue.

I want to travel the world for a living and for pleasure too. I also want to have my own businesses.

If given the chance to work in Thai entertainment industry I'll grab the opportunity too (whether actress or model or even behind the scenes lol) and even go international :D Have to work on my confidence level.

What matters most is that you love what you do and you are happy and passionate about it. As with the money as long as we can have financial security and be able to provide for ourselves, our family and help others and put money to good use then it is okay too. :) Keep looking and take time and we will be able to find it eventually. Just be patient, hard working, take action and pray for it too. :)
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My real passion is arts, I love painting and drawing even though I haven't done that for so long.. I also wanted to be a teacher and chef when I was younger. I've also considered studying child care or hospitality while I took a breaks from studying fashion. I had people telling me what I should do and what I should study, including my parents... but they're still supportive with their talks...
My brotherinlaw told me to become a photographer cause I take a lot of photos my 11 weeks niece and everyone tells me to share and send my photos


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There is no one road to success. And how you define it might be different from others. Live to what you want to do instead of doing something someone else expect you to do. As long as it is not against the law or hurting someone else. Either you win or your learn.

1.) Before you decide what you want to do with your life, you have to ask yourself these questions.
a.) What are you passionate about?
c.) What are your strengths and weaknesses?
d.) What are your gifts?
e.) Surround yourself with people who are just passionate as yourself in your field.

When I was young, my parents always wanted me to be a doctor but I knew in my heart that I would not cut it in that profession. I just couldn't do it. To much schooling too. Fast forward to high school where I became Valedictorian. There were other students that were smarter than me but I outwork every one of them by understanding what course to take and by studying my butt off. "Persistent,determination, and self -sacrifice." If I decided that I was going for it, I was going to go for it.

In college, I had minor setbacks as I've changed majors and universities. I didn't know what I wanted to do. All I knew was that I wanted to make lots of money, be the boss, and live up to the expectation that I was the high school Valedictorian. Well, I felt flat on my face and had a little humble pie. But I got myself back up and finish with a B.A in business.

Recession hit and I had a hard time finding work after graduating so I had to start from the bottom because I had no experience at that time and I didn't do enough internships. Lingered overnight at Target for two years and was going no where. Took a risk by moving to a new store and applied for a position with more responsibility. In six months, I was able to turn my department from last place to first place. (1/44) By studying the demographic of the area, what time did they come in to shop, what items were acceptable, etc. After getting my new position at Target, I applied at a competitor across the street in a six month time frame and was giving a Produce manager position. I went every where they wanted me to go and filled in whenever.

1.5 years later, Trader Joe called me wanted me to come work for them as their Produce manager on salary and I turned that down. Eventually, I applied for an Assistant store manager with Walmart. I got the job and it was salary as well. But at that time, I was burnt out and I knew in my heart that I did not want to work in retail. I am a natural INTJ and that sort of job was not for me. I did it because it paid my bills and I was still trying to live up to the expectation that I was the Valedictorian of my high school class. If I would have stayed with Walmart, I know for a fact, I would be at least a store manager making $150,000 annually but I would be the Walmart. Because you would basically be there 24/7.

Now, I'm not living to nobody's expectation but myself. I'm doing things that makes me happy and I'm working towards my ultimate goals. I have had setbacks but I have learned from them as well. I have learned about film-making, editing, and special effects. In two to three years from now, I want to showcase a short film either at the Sundance or Cannes film festival. I'm living and breathing film-making 24/7 and I love it. I'm a creative person and this is a field that lets me express who I am as a person. The glass is half full.


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LOL. I just knew CTR will post something inspirational in poetry style. Best wish to everyone in their career choices . Financial stability are the foundation of life in this day an age but not everyone will end up in the career/job they like , sometime we do the job b/c it pay the bill. I have friends that goes to school forever, got all kind of diploma & certificate but never held any job nor do they have work experience. Remain jobless b/c they don't want to work in certain position that's not their career path . I got criticize for working outdoor w/ men ( I was a roof contractor at the time) by family, they see it as a man job , they don't understand why I won't stay in cool AC office job , why get tan where u can just sit down & look pretty all day ? My mom said those stuff lol. I enjoy my job , I get to see bunch of Latino men shirtless on top of a roof , sweating their back off while working on a project -- Im just describing the job site *ahem* . Now , I sale vape products at the shop & I never smoke a day of my life nor had I done weed or drug , I don't even know what vape is BUT I saw a potential in it . So, I study the product, research, do a trial by error , ask customer their input. I get criticize again for being a woman and learn more than men about vape , is it really a men world out there ? Or is it b/c I'm Asian & they against girl doing a men job?

Never get discourage when ppl criticize you where u work at . Everything is a learning experience & always have a positive out look in life even if u hate the job you at . Don't be afraid to try new stuff , take risk & see the outcome, sometimes you be surprised with the results.


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I just graduated in May from a private 4-year university. I didn't declare a major until the 2nd semester of my freshman year. I have a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies: Intercultural Studies (field 1) and Pre-Law (field2) with a Bible Studies Minor. Throughout my 4 years of college, I also struggled with trying to figure out what I was passionate for. You can say that I'm still trying to figure out what my passion is. Even though I am still trying to get my life together and trying to find what I enjoy doing the most, I try to make the best out of everything I do. I used to think I couldn't do a lot of things until I gave it a chance. One example would be, being a leader at school. I didn't think I could do it. I didn't think I had the potential nor was I passionate for the organization and it's vision. In the end I did join the organization; it was the Multicultural organization. I never had much of a passion for diversity, but after becoming part of the organization I realized how much I enjoyed it. I liked it more than I thought. It really shaped me to be a better person and to be more openminded. I learned more about myself each time. I met many great people who loves me and plays a big part in my life. Though I still lack on the passion aspect, I don't ever regret joining. I really appreciate all the experiences and skills I gained. I enjoy doing many different things, though I may not be as passionate toward it. I think it's best to try things out, test the water. Be open to other things that may not be of your comfort level. Challenge yourself. Join clubs/organizations on campus if you have to. I think that's a good start. When you give something a chance, you're one step closer to learning more about yourself. You'll know whether you do like it or not and not just base on assumptions when you have not given it a try. Don't rush into trying to find out what your passions are. I say take your time. Don't have the mindset that something greater might come along in the future (as in you might be more passionate for something that may seem greater from a presumption point of view) because then you'll never be able to settle for what you already have that is already just as great or even better. Take a risk, but of course after thinking it through first. lol

Though I had some plans for my life during my 4 years of college and even after, most of the time it never goes as plan. Life happens. Most of the time, your plans will not go the way you would like. Sometimes it will and sometimes it won't, so don't put yourself down because things aren't going the way as planned. Appreciate those moments. It's those moments of failure and your reaction toward it that really shapes you.
Expand your comfort zone, don't step out 'cause it is easy to step back in.

Since I just graduated college, I am currently unemployed. Even though I majored in INDS, I know that it'll be hard to get a job with this degree as it is so broad. Even if I majored in a degree that has a focus, it is still hard to get a job in that area - to an extent. Instead, I want to expand and take on different jobs that are outside of my major in order to get the skills that I have yet to maintain, because it will definitely help me in the long run. I hope to get a job within my major and its field one day, but until then I'll be working odd jobs, jobs that are not related to my major.
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I studied Biology and History in college...You really can't do anything with a History degree. I am currently in the health/medical field, though. I do medical billing and coding and frequently assist pathologists, dermatopathologists, uropathologists, etc. Very busy and heavy workload but I like it.
Apart from that I've had business management experience, temporary staffing, administrative and clerical experience and even worked in the restaurant industry (I hated it!). To be great in anything really you must be a thinker and doer.


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@roselovesice , does that mean you will hold off boy chasing & focus on working ? :confused12:
Hahha! I want to say that I am, but realistically speaking, that's not going to happen. I like guys too much to not like and chase after them all the time. ;) My plan is to like and chase after guys while focus on working. Thanks to college, I've learned to multitask. LOL


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I'm one student of Chinese and Portuguese for my part (even if i learn also Viet) and also Thai/Russian by myself :)

Muddie Murda

In grade school, I was focused in the art field. During my senior year, I knew there wouldn't be money in that field because I was not that great and I hate making my hobby a job. I focused on computers when I got to college but it wasn't my thing. Struggled in school and in the workfield. Had an online jewelry shop for a bit but too many heartless people made me lose my passion. After much struggle and risk taking, I am happy to say that I have found my career. I'm in the fraud investigation department. It's like all those years of online stalking and trolling paid off lol!!! I absolutely love my job and they adore me too. Plan to do this for 10 or so years before moving on to an analyst position and then retirement lol.