Ten Crazy Things You Could Do in the Summer

So its summer, I was thinking if everything was legal and I could do whatever I want during the summertime, what would it be? So here are my ten things:
1-Meet James Ma (bias mind tingling)  :cheer:
2-Steal a car because I feel like it.   :bhehe:
3-Burn all the schools down.   :yes: 
4-Jump on stage and sing along with BSB. :thumbsup:
5-Have room service and leave the hotel without paying anything.  :rolleyes1:
6-Getting free stuff.  :thumbsup:
7-Go to a prison and interview a criminal (JK lol, but I would like to know what they do? Do they just sit around in their jail cell?)  :shrug:
8- Dumping cake on my enemies anytime I want (mwhahahahahaha)  :whistle:
9- Kidnap James Ma's n'ek, get plastic surgery to look like her, and then pretend to be that n'ek (been watching to much lakorns LOL)
10- Use my karate moves on anyone who passes me  :ninja: ]
SO here are my ten top things I would do during the summer! :)


Expired Sarnie

1. Kidnap all YG artists, hug them and have them throw one big free concert. Then release them and prepare to go to jail lmao
2. Rob a bank
3. Star in a lakorn
4. Sky diving
5. Bungee jumping
6. Destroy disneyland
7. Have tea with the cast of In a Good Way
8. Write a book call when Harry Potter Meets Twilight the Prirates of the Caribbean Becomes the Lord of the Ring
9. Call out all the Star Wars fans to fight with the Star Trek fans and record it to upload onto YT
10. Lose 10 pounds


sarNie Oldmaid
1. Stay home, sleep, be lazy & still get paid as if I were working & not having to pay taxes for the income.
2. Rob a bank in a cool way...something 'Inside Man' mixed with with magic from 'The Prestige'. Not for the $ but for the creativity.
3. Throw a huge bbq party with waterslides & edm djs & cool flashing lights. This will make my neighborhood shake up since all I hear is Mexican music from our neighbors.
4. Drive an asian food truck express around town. Like an ice cream man but playing songs like 'lollipop' by Big Bang/2ne1, Marshmallow by IU, etc.
5. Have every member of Super Junior reunite and perform for free in an area near me so I can be happy. I don"t need to meet them as long as KiHae sends me an autographed anything.
6. Be at a healthy weight so I don't have to diet ever again.
7. Meet my future husband
8. Discover a cure for AIDs, MS, cystic fibrosis, etc without having to do research...let it just come to me :) Then lead an organization for every government to offer the cures to their citizens for free.
9. Be on a game show like Wheel of Fortune or Let's Make a Deal or The Price is Right. If Singled Out MTV came back, I'd like to try it out.
10. Go to Starbucks and try all their drinks. Even the customized secret menu stuff without getting full, die of diabetes, getting jittery, all that stuff.