thai transexual


sarNie Adult
omg have u ever them they soo like freaking pretty im not lesbian or anything but omg they r like even more prettier then regular girls :eek:

take that girl or guy watever that play in ruk tur took wan
i think her name waz moncy i dnt noe

but omg i thought she waz a real girl like shes soo pretty and she doesnt sound like a boy at all :eek: how is that??

i hate to say this but.........

omg.........i am soo jealous of transexual men becuz they came out looking so pretty wat the hell

next thing u know real men r dating transexual men :eek:

which is not wrong but hea me out ppl
anyone could look extremely beautiful with surgery if you're not blessed with it naturally...undergo complete cosmetic surgery and there you have it...a whole new, better-looking

transsexuals undergo vocal surgery (to change their voices) and therapy, physical cosmetic surgery, hormone treatments, takes more than a year to completely "transform"...


everything is pretty with plastic surgery.
You can be pretty like them too just get a surgery like them.
All of them have it done.


sarNie Adult
^ yah, surgery is a way too.

and i think... TIME is another essential.
time for hair.
time for makeup.
time for clothes.
and time to flaunt it.

i get jealous too.
but hey, someone gots to be the prettier one.


sarNie Adult
the other day i was in dusit and i saw this girl well it was a man buh i thought it was a girl buh she was really a he and was really stunning i was like wow


sarNie Adult
haha i didnt really notice it much until my bf hes like "hun , dont u ever notice thai gay guys looks so much better then sum regular girls"

at 1st i waz total shock becuz i thought my bf turn gay xD haha lol but he said he notice it from ruk tur took wan and he told me that moncy is a man
i waz shock but yea

haha it soo amazing


sarNie Hatchling
hahaha i love this post! I totally agree with Sirena that the Thai transsexual are so pretty!
Some are prettier than real girls >___< so sad hehehe


sarNie Adult
they do not look like mens at all

except for the one all the way on the right

she still a bit manly