That Fine Love Ch 5 (8/22/2016)


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Well, my next fiction will be about a transgender woman as the hero , I have this silly obsession w/ boobies lol & I have girl crushes but I love men , my guilt pleasure is a beautiful/cute woman w/ male genital , sound crazy huh? I actually wrote it months ago but haven't uploaded b/c I want to finish my current fiction before start a new one & my friend going edit & publish for me b/c she think it's hilarious (she a writer & sale her books on Amazon) .


FF Writer!! Love it!
Wow that does sound hilarious I'm speechless. If it ends up good and give me a good laugh I'll read it. Whenever ur done of course. It's comedy then?


sarNie Granny
Of course, I think I write comedy better that melodramas loll. I wrote it for a good laugh when I'm bore , it's a good stress relief on my spare time & my friend recently had a still born , she was sad about the tragic event . I told her to come down to vist me during the weekend & I took her to the temple , it was new year too . I did everything to make her laugh, she adores me and she have BIG Boobies HUGE , I would bury my head in between it when we hug LOL ( there a vdo of her in YouTube) . She even got a tattoo at my shop & then I let her read my fiction about the transgender, she laugh til she cry ^^ it feel good to see ppl happy & laughing & she told me when I'm done send it to her .


FF Writer!! Love it!
@sarN that's too sad, it's good that ur able to make her happier. I hope she heals from that pain and be able to move pass that and try again. If it is a good story and makes ppl happy I'm sure to read it lol it's hard to read a good book that's makes ppl laugh and smile. So do tell me when u officially make it ur book on Amazon I'll be ur first customer and give an review LOL


FF Writer!! Love it!
Chapter 4
The very next morning.

“Don’t get me angry Kim!” Barry says throwing down his book.

“Man, you’ve just got to calm down a bit.” Mark says.

Kim stood up from her seat with a heated gaze, anyone could tell she was pissed.

Barry had an annoying look on his face, something that says I can’t stand the situation that this had turned into. He glances at Mark and nodded his head up signaling him to leave. Mark stood up in obedience and left quickly before assuring a glance at Kim. He took a deep breath before speaking, “I’m not asking a lot from you Kim. I’ll give you your freedom for sure, that is not a question. However, keeping you here was not on my order. Having you declare dead was not on me either but telling you who it was is a matter you shouldn’t know about. Well not now of course.”

Kim’s anger risen, she shook her seat back and stood up before him, while he sat down in his seat. She pointed her finger at him angrily. “Tell me who it was. I would not stay here any longer. My ex-husbands in jail for supposedly killing me, my home, my job, everything that belongs to me no longer does. Nothing makes any damn sense here. More importantly I have a right to know who hired you and for what reasons do I have to die for.”

“I am not obliged to answer any of those questions.” Barry says sitting back into his chair. “It isn’t my job.”

“Then what is your job?”

“To protect you.”

“From what?”

Barry sat in silence. His brown eyes stared back at hers, trying to control the fire, taming a female prime of her nature to fight back, he stood up and stared down into her. Burning eyes into each other, he finally said something, “That is not for me to tell. However, I will release you in a two years’ time. But 8 months have already passed, you only have a year and four months left. Depending on what you do with that time is up to you but I would advise you not to make any contact with anyone from home, it will be dangerous and I would warn you do not try to find the answers to any of the questions you asked me today. That is all.” Barry says stepping aside. “I will take my leave now.”

“You can tell me to stop” Kim says in confidence. “But do you think I will really listen to you?”

A stern look appeared on Barry’s face, he stops just in time to back up shoulder to shoulder with her. “Curiosity is a deadly sin. Did you not hear, what killed the cat?”

“I have a right to know and if you refuse to tell me, may it be dangerous or not, you were hired to protect me, you have no other choices.”

“Stubborn women, if you where my women I would’ve bend you down and tame you till night comes and the sun rises just so you’ll know what yielding means. Your pride may be your everything but at times like this, when your near to death you’ve learn to appreciate casting aside a little bit of that nonsense you call pride…or else, you’ll end up dead before I reach you.”

Kim understood the seriousness of it all, however she refused just to sit idly knowing nothing at all. Her life fortune undone and thrown away as if none of the things she built meant nothing at all and it hurt. As if her life was a chess board still being controlled by others and she hated it, with all her passion she could not control her anger. She slapped Barry across the face, and began attacking him. He caught her hand in a swift.

“Hit me again and you’ll see what I do you.” He sneered at her. “I may have acted kindly towards you from earlier however there’s only so much I can tolerance from a spoil brat yourself.” He let her go and created a distance between them.

“I won’t apologies. You deserved it also.”

“I’ve said all my rules to you, follow them and there won’t be any consequences. Repeat what you just did or even disobeyed any of the rules I’ve mention and I’ll defiantly will make you pay for them.”

“You threatening me doesn’t scare me.”

“Yeah, I have a right to do whatever I want to you as long as you’re not dead. Return alive is the specifics. I can even rape you if I wanted, maybe I’ll even consider you as my wife for a year and four months. Who knows.”

Kim scoffs, “You’ve got to come up with something better than this.”

In a blink of an eye, a hand swiftly wraps itself against the back of Kim’s neck. It went by so fast she couldn’t even reacted. And soft lips landed across from hers moving along nose touching, when Kim realizes her mistake, she pushed and he refused. To be able to teach this girl some more, he wasn’t kidding at all. He fastens his hold, pushed her down in the seat and kissed her more passionately.

Kim kept her lips closed, No! No! No! she thought. Shaking away her head side to side to avoid his lips connecting to hers, her grasp to his shoulders and arms to be able to push him away was all down to nothing. She was overpowered in a second and made her realized she could not fight back against him. Her second mistake was trying to scream and gave him a chance a counter to taste her lips even more sweetly. His tongue moving along with so much technique and experience that made her breathless, until he licked along her bottom lip and pulled at it. He looked into her eyes, unapologetically and finally moved away.

“I wasn’t kidding. I hope this experience will open your eyes a little, I’m not your average man if you’re thinking I’m all talk and no bite.”

Oh and this experience surely did open her eyes because he surely wasn’t kidding when she felt the bottom half of him against her stomach.


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@sarN sorry girl, school just started not too long ago. I'm going cray cray over here. school makes me nervous especially when i have to speak in front of ppl. But I'lll try, maybe I'll have something by tonight.


FF Writer!! Love it!
Chapter 5

Kim pace across her room, biting the tip of her thump and thinking hard and deep. Wondering what she should do. What she can do. Mark couldn’t help her for the love of god he was with that bastard. How she even thought he was some kind of peace believer made her question meeting him in the first place was a mistake. This was all planned from the beginning, Barry intentionally met her. He knew who she was, maybe even where she lived. Was this her father’s doing? It has to be him if no one else. What for? Her family was too well off, bodyguards everywhere that protected them, so it wouldn’t make any sense to have her be killed off like this when they can protect her. All of this…..all of this didn’t make any sense at all. It made her so mad, with so much frustration and annoyance that she screams at the top of her lungs and fell to her knees. Hopelessness flash before her, her eyes fallen into a deep bewilderment, who would do this to her?

Barry and Mark where together, sitting down and enjoying the breeze. When they heard Kim scream, Mark jump to his feet.

“It’s alright don’t go to her.” Barry says as he reached for his afternoon tea.

Mark sat back down, glancing towards Barry and folded his arms together as he sat. “You told her everything?”

“Not quiet. I told her some of it but not all.”

“Why would you not tell her the all the truth? Why hide it from her? You lied to her about her ex also.”

A smirk crossed Barry’s face as he settles down his tea. “I knew you were listening to our conversation.”

“Why?” Mark says in a stern voice. “Are you thinking of manipulating her?”

“I will tell her in a time when she is stable.”

“I don’t like the way you are handling things, in a criminal way you find satisfaction in keeping your clients in the dark while it eats at them and kills them slowly until you satisfy with the mind playing games you’ll tell them the entire truth and destroy them even more.”

“Then what do you supposed I tell them when there already fucked up to begin with? What Mark, you’ve never question the way I handle things before, why are you questioning me now?”

“She’s too pitiful that’s all.”

Barry stared at Mark, with that statement he stood up, offended in the utmost madden way he couldn’t even put it to word “out of all the clients we have had, Mark which one of them hasn’t been pitiful?” Barry sneered at him. “You want me to tell Kim that her parents are dead, that all the people that resided beside of her is dead? Massacred in broad daylight. 15 people dead in less than 10 minutes. That…what her husband, beat and scarred her for life, is also left missing in a pool of blood. Reasons? We have no damn clue because her father didn’t say a damn thing about it.”

“Then she’s not leaving in a two years’ time?”

“No she’s not.”

“Then what are you going to do when she asks you about it again?”

“She won’t.”

“What do you mean she won’t ask you again?”

“She wouldn’t even be thinking about leaving me when the time comes.”

“That’s it? You’re going to entrap that women?” Mark says angrily.

“That’s only way.” Barry argued back.

“NO! No, I refused to believe that’s the only way. There has to be another way.”

“If we let her go free, she’ll die and you know what father will do to both of us even if we are his sons. Dad will let me marry her and we will be able to keep her safe.”

Unfortunately, Mark knew what Barry had said was the only option but he didn’t know why it made him so uneasy. He shook his head in disapproval and stood up. “I can’t, I can’t do this looking over you do this. Find another option, kill the root of the problem and she can go free.”

“If you don’t like it, you can leave, you know”

“Find the root of the problem and kill it” Mark repeated.

“If I could I will. I would love to do that right now; do you think I didn’t consider that option? I couldn’t find a damn thing because they didn’t leave a thing for us to find anything on. And if you don’t like what I’m offering you can leave, while I’m going to stay here and hope that women falls head over heels for me. Got that?”

“Yeah I got that.” Mark answers back before storming away. He got in his car and left.


FF Writer!! Love it!
@sarN I actually didn't intend to be action thriller but you know it came out like that while I was writing it so I'm pretty sure I won't have a lot of action scenes cus I'm not really into that type of thing ahahaha I'm a romantic so its going to probably go down that path.