The Blah Thread


Bai Yang [♥] Fong T. Xiong
I miss Monkey King too.

Damn. I'm so pissed right now.
I hate boys. I'm so annoyed.

Ugh. I want to rip someone's
eyes out. So angry.

I hate circles.


N i n j a
man, you guys ever get days where you feel drained? or extremely unhealthy and tired. i haven't had ice cream in a long time but when i did, it made me feel like crap.

i miss my muddie...

she's too busy for me...


sarNie Adult
if i'm chosen will i still be in love tomorrow,,, or will i change??? i'm scarred to be everything she wants me to be,,, but i can't help but be captivated with her words!!! are her words magic or something else??? intentions are the last thing i see when she captivates my heart so early in the morning with a song i feel inside of me that i can't hear because i need her today!!!*sighs--->wake up before its to late<---*


Mr. Char
It's... VACATIONS !! I got my last Maths test this morning. Now, one week break before finals. I have to work but I'm feeling lazy to open any notebooks.

Muddie Murda

i miss namie. :( too far for me T_T

head hurts....laptop dead....nothing to do but to spend money when i'm not suppose to because I have to save....

I'm kinda mad because what was suppose to be a 7 day vacation turned to a 4 day vacation. Sorta mad because it cost $2000 for the 4 day vacation when it would be the same price for the 7 day vacation. Damn. Seriously. Gosh I don't even want to go anymore because Dragon Pa is busy too.

I'm being such a brat...


sarNie Egg
the color of life in a blind moment when the wind dies down and i feel my own breath against a strong heart beat allowing me to be reassured i will die someday because i'm mortal and others pain will not last in my heart forever for i can only endure my own pain somedays when i see only my favorite colors in the world because i'm human. dreams are better had in a finite life we must live knowing tomorrow may never come, so isn't it wonderful to be alive?:)


sarNie Adult
SR: [A blonde just texted me & asked, "what does IDK stand for?" i said "i don't know" she said "OMG nobody does!"]


sarNie Adult
ST: i looked at him and i was embarrassed for the tears i held inside for all the world has left me without and then i smiled at an innocence i have lost in all the confusion,,, a child's stare at nothing that i sometimes let myself become before i find my happiness again in the eyes of a child,,, my son!!!

Muddie Murda

After a few weeks of my best friend dissing me for her new boyfriend, we finally got to talk again tonight. man it feels nice to catch up to her no life self.
It's ok. I got a new lover too and I've been ditching my friends for my new lover. =( So we don't get to talk as often.


^ no offense, but with that attitude no wonder your best friend ditched you for her new boyfriend
but i'm glad you guys got to talk


uhm, just cus you got 2,000 something think you're like so popular or something
but i can say whatever i want
cus it don't say nothing in the rules bout anything so yeah i can talk and say anything i want
and yeah i hope you change the way you live and think and make the world become a better place


My favorite sunglasses broke, I'm so pissed off.

Oh I was also at the Valero gas station and there was this girl using her cellphone while pumping gas. Its funny because the whole time she was jibbering away, she was looking at the sign that said YIKES on cellphone usage too. People these gotta wonder if they're for reals.


wow so many topics to read but blah too lazy.

how's ppl doing, hope u're well. i'm ok, not yet dead... possibly will be a millionare some day also... [i guess it's alright to dream].

omg shit i forgot to buy the powerball argh.