The Blah Thread


I'm bored. Can't wait till my lady comes home. Went to work and now home. Roamed around the site a bit. It's kinda dead and beyond. I wonder if people just spy or just come around once in awhile like me. I'm hungry but I just ate 5 bowls. It's winter I eat a lot during this time of year. Blah thread, yes, it is, my gibberish. Criminal minds is on, this episode is sick. Interesting. Anyone at PENN STATE? Crazy Right? I was gonna go but I decided not. Kinda a good thing cause I met my lady that summer, 7 years and counting. Boom. Now she moved my ass here to the country one road town. I'm went from express to wranglers. I'm wearing overalls now with brawny man shirts. I rather have a truck with a hitch than a car. I'm really bored now. Late.


sarNie Oldmaid
So next Saturday mom is coming home for a vacation. She's currently a permanent resident in the UK. I really hope we will be able to accomplish the requirements so I can migrate already. T_T I don't want to expect too much and I'm afraid of being disappponted all over again.