The Contract: Chapter 04


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Oh! I understand. Usually, I'm fast to type plotline , its the bed scene that require days on and weeks of imagining , so I tend to be slow in posting that CH . So, I'm assuming next CH is just the subplot , I can rest at ease now HAHAHA.


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Chapter 04
Shane took a deep breath and glanced around his private conference room. He had scheduled to meet with Aline to sign the contract they agreed on. The room gave a business feel of atmosphere, flowers that his secretary had put on the table complimented the carpeting. The contract laid out in front of him, with a tray of tea, coffee, and some pastries aside next to it.
“Formal but friendly” Shane said to himself.
As he waited for Aline to arrive, he thought about their wedding and the set of rules he had planned out for them. He knew Aline’s purpose was to get the money and pay back the money. No intimacy between them, just strictly business. Shane could live with that.
“Khun Shane, Khun Aline has arrived” his secretary buzzed through the intercom.
“Okay, let her in.” Shane quickly sat up straight, fix his hair and tie.
Shane stood up as Aline came through the door. What she wore caught his attention. Red burgundy dress that outline the shape of her curves. He didn’t noticed her body figure during their first meet because her white plain T-shirt covered her. His eyes couldn’t help but wandered up to her breasts which the dress provided a little cleavage. Shane remembered making fun of her breasts because she was a slow developer. Sleek hair tied back in a pony tail that showed off her defined jawline.
“Wow” he muttered.
“Are you going to invite me to sit down or are we going to stand like this?” Aline asked.
Shane shook off his thoughts and motioned Aline to sit down.
“Coffee? Tea?”
“Coffee’s fine.”
“Sugar? Cream?”
“So why do we need a contract?”
Shane placed the coffee cup in front of Aline and took a sip from his cup, “Just in case one of us breaks the agreement and evidence for court purposes if it ends up going that far.”
“It won’t and I’m not going to be the one who’s going to break the agreement.”
“What makes you so sure of that? Women find me attractive and to say that you’re not attracted to me is a lie.”
Aline nodded, “Says the guy who didn’t find me attractive but keeps staring at my boobs.”
Shane choked on his coffee and drew back in surprise.
“Yeah I saw you staring at it the minute I walked in here. And FYI, they’re real.”
Shane quickly wiped his mouth with the paper towel and pushed the contract towards her. “You can have your lawyer look over it before you sign it.”
“It’s fine. I trust you.”
Aline reached in her purse for a pen and read thoroughly before signing. Shane took the opportunity to gaze at her again. His attraction annoyed him and what’s worse, Aline caught him in the act. Aline wasn’t his type. She was too direct and that scared him. He’s hoping she won’t be too emotional either because with his ex-girlfriend, when something didn’t go her away, all she wanted to do was talk and talk. Aline was an opinionated person and show her emotions without thinking. He noticed her face expression changed as she was reading through the contract.
“You actually have requirements? Is this some kind of Fifty Shades of Grey?”
Shane cleared his throat, “There’s only a few. What? I can’t have a say on what my wife should be?”
“You want a wife without intimacy. Ummm, don’t you know anything about women?”
“I know a lot more than you think. That’s why my dad got me into this mess. He knew I was never going to settle down so he thought maybe a push will help me.”
“You don’t believe in marriage?”
Shane shook his head, “Monogamy don’t exist in my world. Marriage isn’t necessary for a person to be happy in life.”
“You don’t want to make a commitment to another person?”
“Why should I? It’s not going to last anyways. Sure, couples probably mean it when they profess their love but how long is that going to last?”
Aline leaned back on the chair and crossed her arms, “Wow, your mom really screwed you up.”
“You said you wanted money to pay for your parents’ debt? Not sure if I asked you already but why do they owe money?"
“Because while I was in school, my dad had took out a loan to pay for my college tuition because his salary and my mom’s salary wasn’t enough. And now his boss is asking for the money because he’s behind of his payment.”
“I see.”
Aline leaned forward against the desk, showing more cleavage that Shane immediately tried not hard to stare, “What if I can’t fit into these requirements?”
“It’s fine. We’ll work something out.”
“So how’s this going to work? My parents can’t know about this either. How am I gonna explain to them that I’m suddenly getting married?”
“Just tell them we met when I went to New York for a business trip. And we’ve been together since.”
“And how long ago was that?”
“I went to New York three years ago so…we’ve been dating for 3 years.”
“My parents may believe me but how will your dad? How are you going to convince him that you’re so madly in love with me?”
“Don’t worry about it. I’ll figure something out.”
“You’re gonna have to come over for dinner and announce the news together then."
Shane nodded in agreement.
Aline went through the lists of requirements again, “It says that as your wife, I’ll need a ‘proper wardrobe’. What’s that supposed to mean? Can’t I wear what I want?”
“AS my wife, you’re gonna have to play nice with the other wives for business associates. The company has a huge deal on the line and I’m going to convince my dad to have me handle it.”
“Am I even allowed to have my own social life and do my job?”
“Where are we living?”
“My home of course. You can’t expect us to live with your parents or move to New York for that matter. My job is here. I suppose you’re a freelance photographer? It shouldn’t effect where you’re living at right?”
“Big or small wedding?”
“Small duh. We’re only going to invite close friends and family. Maybe a few of our business partners. Anything else?”
“That’ll be it for now.” Aline took the pen and signed her name, “That’ll be it for now but if I have any more questions, I’ll call.”
Aline grabbed her purse and stood up from her chair and reached out her hand, “Look forward to working with you, Khun Shane.”
Shane shook Aline’s hand with a firm grip, “You too Khun Aline.”
She turned around and walked towards the door and before she twisted the knob, Shane remembered to give Aline something.
“Aline wait…”
Shane walked towards Aline and reached inside of his pocket. “I want you to have this.”
It took Aline by surprise when Shane pulled out a small diamond ring.
“My dad gave it to me after I graduated college. It was my mom’s engagement ring.”
“What are you saying?”
“I think it would be better if we get engage or pretend we’ve been engage and is ready to take the next step of life.”
Shane slowly pulled Aline’s left hand and gently placed the ring on her finger. Aline was left speechless for a few seconds.
“I’ll see you tonight.”
Aline looked puzzled, “Tonight?”
“Yeah, we’re going to announce the news to your parents, remember?”
“That’s tonight? I was hoping for some time to prepare myself for it.”
“Okay, your call then.”
“How about sometimes next week?”
“Okay…well see ya…”
Shane grabbed the knob and turned it to open the door, “See ya…”


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I was gone for two weeks and suddenly there's a Chario explosion here hahahaha. I can't make up my mind earlier if I'll go on a fanfic reading spree or if I should watch two spirits' love but since i'm still waiting for subs, I decided to go read. I love this. I can just imagine them fighting with sparks flying around.  I can't wait for the engagement scene!


I haven't watch two spirits love yet but I'm in love w/this fanfic! I can def imagine Mario (Shane) being in his perverted mode staring down Chada's (Aline) cleavage. LMAO! So glad to see you back to writing again, Thip.