The Monsters Within: The Heart of Darkness (Volume 1)


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The plot sounds disturbing and sad ... wishing all the best to your friend.   If you write one, I'll buy it in a heartbeat :)


sarNie Granny
well, that what i said too "it disturbing" . she said the heroin/hero are torment soul & the book is dark^^ I'm afraid to read it too but i want to support her & i already brought the book but haven't read it yet . She probably the most inspiring person i know b/c of all the thing she went turn & was able to pull her family together ( her brothers was in foster care ) . She want to help me write a book & she want to write the explicit scene HAHAHA ^^^ She an English teacher so i cant' say much on the topic *ahem* . Don't be surprise if I do have a novel out under her name ^^


sarNie Granny
Well, we talk about how $ex sell HAHAHA & she call me a " virgin " & I plead the 5th , therefore she want to write the explicit scene b/c an experience person will make it juicey √^^^


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sarN said:
By Dawnell Jacobs . She my friend   ^^^ please support her ! She will be on the Dee Armstorng show live at 12:00 noon on WLTZ channel 9 to discuss about her debut novel . You can buy her book at . She want to help me write a book tooo but idk hahaha  ( she a English teacher ^^ )
Can she help me in the future?  Not yet cuz I've just about 2/3 of the book done.  Plus, I have to do some revision and editing.  Though, we write different genre, I think her help would greatly help an inspiring writer like myself.  :)


sarNie Granny
Well, she run a publishing business I think she would help u . she a teacher . help is what they do , right ? when ever u ready just email me your work then I forward to her . she one of those born again Christian , strong believer in god & fate , she just like beachboy77 lolll


The title sounds fascinating and mysterious! Its like we all have a monster within us. keke