The Nostalgia Thread


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Liberty.. great story.. I too love high places.. it makes you feel powerful and weightless... well to me at least.


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That was a wonderful essay.
I grew up on payless shoes too but my parents took us shopping every school year for new clothes and every single year we get new school supplies.
It wasn't until I got older did I realize how much my parents sacrifice for my brothers and I so that we didn't have to go without anything, and how wasteful it was to buy new school supplies every single year when we barely used the ones we had.

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Gosh, such great memories you guys have. And I love that storey judy. I remember I had a similiar incident. I didn't know I was growing up poor, seriously. Just one day, I was at school and gathered around the teacher for our daily book reading in 3rd grade. I was poking at my shoes that were torn and you could see my cute perfect toes lol. Then girl next to me saw it then pointed and laugh. I felt bad and my tears started to form just because I don't want to be laughed at. I still didn't know I was poor :p lol But I'm so glad I grew up poor ^_^ Still poor today lol but that just motivates me. Growing up, I'm taught to be better than how my parents are. My mom don't want us to struggle like she has so she makes sure we are in school. So if I fail to do this (having good education and good job), then I've failed in life and my mom's struggles for me were a total waste.

I want to go back to those days when I had 9 siblings. My family adopted 5 of my cousins who's mom was suffering through cancer and their dad was still in Laos. We were never bored, always having each other because my parents had 5 of their own. Each children had their own cousin partner because we were all around the same exact age with eachother. 10 kids. My parents weren't rich at all, but we never starved at all. Hell I remember the best food ever. My 2nd grade teacher must of noticed something from me. lol So she asked my mom about why I would wear the same things sometimes. My mom told her she was raising 10 kids. Man I didn't know I was wearing the same thing :p So my teacher started to donate clothes to us. Each christmas she would come over with her dad dressed up as Santa and she would pass us all gifts. T_T We loved it. And I said each christmas because she kept in touch with us. We had just lost touch with eachother last year when we didn't receive a xmas card/picture from her and wasn't sure if she moved or not. It's been 14 years. Even after we moved to NC, she still came over to my cousin's who lived in our house after we've moved out because they had unlimited kids. LOL I say unlimited because I seriously don't know how many kids they have...I lost count after 14 kids.

I want to go back to those high school days when I was in a dancing crew with my cousins. It was the only reason and excuse I had to leave the house. Obviously my mom didn't let me out at all. My cousins lived 5 minutes away but she wouldn't let me visit them. So since I joined the dancing team, I was allowed to go over. (Had to convince her very hard to let me join the dance group) After our dance song, the song "lovely" plays and we would just lay there tired. So now each time I hear the "Lovely" song, my mind drifts automatically to those time and my heart just feels so heavy.

I want to go back to those days when my father had moved out of state to prepare for our new life in North Carolina. He was in NC alone, working and trying to find a house for us to move into. So that left me, my siblings, and my mom alone in Rhode Island. In the sprint/summer time, my mom would take us to the peach field in the country where we'd pay and then go pick our own peaches. My mom would have us all dressed up and we'll go and film it all, take pictures, and come home with peaches. T_T Gosh, watching that tape brings me to tears because we were all so happy even without a father around. We were such a perfect family...sorry I just have to brag lol A perfect family don't need to have both parents in the picture :p just want everyone to know


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... i used to do some stupid things when i was 4... i was not a smart Christmas time i used to get these little tin cars made in japan and the thing was not in the value of mimican what a normal boy would do---lol--- i loved to take them apart,,, you see cos they were made from tuna cans... i was more fascinated by that then the value of the toys... oh and them little note books(diaries) my older sister had i cut them apart cos the soft padding of the covers were made from japanese news papers covered with plastic---lol... i seem to always be fasinated by how things were made... but maybe the truth is i was just touched by the world i found outside my own...


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Being a teenager, following my sister's shadows, doing everything she ordered me to do; steal cigarettes from Dad's cigarette box for her; drinking my first can of beer and laughing with her; smoking that magic grass and tossing it out the window when dad came in our room.

living at the farm... making believe we were princesses; getting you in trouble for no apparent reason.


I miss my childhood.


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I'm 21 now and I miss the days of when I was younger and still a student. I don't want to reach the point of having to work until I die when I forget how to live and do more activities aside from work in fears of getting fired. As I get older the reasons to get stressed just adds up and real world is getting harsher than ever and I don't know if I'm just overreacting.


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I'm 21 now and I miss the days of when I was younger and still a student. I don't want to reach the point of having to work until I die when I forget how to live and do more activities aside from work in fears of getting fired. As I get older the reasons to get stressed just adds up and real world is getting harsher than ever and I don't know if I'm just overreacting.
Let the world become the canvas you paint the life you want to have, travel, let other people's music help you discover who you will become, enrich yourself with food and taste you will renember long after the voices have faded, live, live and count the sea shores your feet are willing to touch!


How wonderful life is, now you’re in it. ❤️
Man, I remember as a kid, watching the TV shows Arthur and Zoom!!! They were bomb. Lol I remember in Zoom, having a crush on the boy named Kenny lol. Memories and so long ago, makes me miss those days. I also remember playing those handheld pet toy games. These:

I remember I wanted one soooooo bad. I finally got one of a fish :celebrate16: I would secretly bring it to school in my pocket and play it so my fish wouldn’t die.

I also remember loving Aaron Carter’s song Aaron’s Party (Come Get It), lol. I thought he was the most handsome boy! My niece and I couldn’t wait for that MV to come on the TV! I remember Britney’s Baby One More Time, Jessica Simpson’s I Wanna Love You Forever, Mandy Moore’s Candy. I remember Destiny Child’s Say My Name Say My Name, Brandy and Monica’s The Boy Is Mine, Backstreet Boys As Long As You Love Me, *NSYNC’s Bye Bye Bye!!!!!!! Those were the days man. My family wasn’t rich money wise but so many wonderful memories were made;)
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