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oou what grade are you? it depends on the school i believe. assuming that you're still in high school, talk to your counselor and study hard! i know my high school would kick students out for falling behind a certain gpa.


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^^ lol. im like you donna. 2 weeks off then summer school for me. ay yi yi. lol. its okay though because i get lazy when i get too much of a break. haha. i'll be heading out to seattle, washington next thursday! :)


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yeah, the nursing program wants us to finish early so they're having us go through the summer. at least i have 2 weeks off to breathe. lol.


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hehe i cant wait for summer vacation whoot whoot ^_^..

T_T... but T_T.. sad imma take summer school.. T_T..

argh it sucks when stuff comes back to you.. >_<..
i'm taking algebra 1 second semester because my darn 8th grade teacher failed me!! ARGH!!
and so i don't wanna take it next year.. dont wanna be in a class full of freshies.. when im a senior lol..


sarNie Adult
what math are you required to take in high school? i know i was required algebra 1, geometry and algebra 2. i took algebra 1 in middle school so i only had to take geometry and algebra 2 but i love math so i took trigonometry and statistics. lol. math all 4 years of high school and then some more in college! haha.


sarNie OldFart
we're opposites, judy... I hate math so much but I took up many math subjects... -_- I won't be able to graduate high school if I don't pass them... lol hmmmm... let me see, I had algebra 1 and 2, geometry, trigonometry, statistics, analytical geometry and a bit of calculus... although I took up those math subjects, I still suck when it comes to math... lmao

aiko, good luck on your algebra! ^_^


LOL at your joke Saifah!

I caught a cold which freaken sucks. My nose is all stuffed up and it's hard to concentrate in class when my nose keeps on running! Ahhh i curse you damn person for passing your cold to me!!!

Oh I also went to dinner with a stranger today. Well not exactly went. We met at dinner so I meant i had dinner with a stranger today lol. It was awkward at first then got pleasantly nice. I learned that they are majoring in English. Cool. I made a new friend :). I'm off to hibernate again. See you all when school gets out. Only 3 more weeks, only!


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omg. i HATE the damn doctor's office i was at today! i had a 1 o'clock appointment but didn't get seen til 3-4 hours later. only to get to talk to the doctor for 10 minutes. if that! WTH is the point of an appointment if im not going to get seen til hours later!!!! :arrg: