The Story of Three Kingdom


sarNie Adult
I haven't see any of the old version so it would be nice to watch this version. But yet it gonna be a long wait till it releases since they had start filming yet.


i don't know if it's a remake but there is already a version play by andy lau. imma go and find it.


Expired Sarnie
I tried reading this book but it was so confusing so I stop. The first two pages consist of 10 characters already lol


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Funny you should try playing the games after that you'll get use to the names lol thats how my sister did it hahaha. I have always been interested in history so I loved reading the book. I can't wait to see this series. I have all the romance of the three kingdom, dynasty warriors the regular, xtreme legends, tactics, warriors orochi and all that version LOL. There is a series on this already it's rather old but gosh new version Peter Ho x3 but why oh why does he freaking have to be LU BU! I want him to be Zhao Yun or Liu Bei (Probably Impossible Cause Liu Bei is Old) or at least Zhuge Liang! Also I wish they would let Zhao Wei be Sun Xiang Xang like she was in Red Cliff! She is awesome in the role/


Expired Sarnie
There is a condense version but it was even more confusing. There were a lot of fragment error, well no not fragment error but it was like. Xuo Luang go up the mountain. He twirl his sword. etc. lol not from the book but just examples. It gets really boring just reading 4-8 words sentences. Maybe I will try to pick it up again. I have seen the preview of the very old version lol it was more like a movie to be correct lol or I must have gotten this confused with something else. But I do want to watch this.