The Yearning Heart-Starring Mark K & Benz N Chapter 13 & Epilogue Updated


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Ladies....I've been so distracted with C dramas and now Kdrama that my FF time is overthrown!!! So very sorry and thank you muchly to continue reading and having patience. As well a transfer of job title so the responsibility at work is overwhelming, exciting and refreshing all at the same time!!

I will have to make time this weekend and complete this wonderful love story...again I am still waiting on their reunion hopefully lakorn gods will take notice and give them these roles to play out LOL....

Thanks again and keep reading!!! Much appreciation to everyone xo


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No worries, @Mz_Em. Looks like you got a lot on your plate. Take it easy! Did you get promoted at your job? Congrats!!!
Yes I did. I have more to do but lots to learn but it's the same company so getting a different perspective on how it operates, time for change for sure. I love it more now. It's only been 3 months but the new team are good too. That was my biggest worry, my old team were friends and family-like not coworkers...

Yes, I think I will try to finish this story up for this long weekend we have in Canada. Stay tuned!!


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Wat glared at the man looking lovingly at his soon to be ex wife with jealousy. g,
Wat walked in just as he saw Dao blew out her candles on the cake and beaming at her old sweetheart.

“Very interesting to see another man help celebrate my wife’s birthday.” He walked to her side and kissed her on the cheek, while stating this. It was just a few of her close friends witnessing the possessive man.

She was a very stubborn woman and he just couldn’t keep away. She was glowing today even more, was she so very happy now without him? He had signed over the divorce papers and amended the prenuptial contract, but Dao had yet to sign the papers. Did she wanted to reconcile after all? He was also so busy with the private investigation of Pim and her allegedly pregnancy with him. That night he had always claimed he couldn’t have committed adultery as he just couldn’t remember anything at all, but he didn’t have proof to dispute her accusation and claim that he was the father. There fore he hired a private investigation. He wasn’t the unfaithful husband that everyone though he was.

“Don’t you have other obligations to attend to?’ She replied to his comment but was interrupted.

“My obligation is right here, you are still my legal wife, did you forget to tell him you have yet to sign the divorce papers?”

Dao almost fainted, why was he always making her blood pressure rise, “Get out, this is my day, get out!” she yelled. She didn’t need him to patronize her.

Aunt Sila quickly ushered Wat out and away from the hysterical Dao, explaining to him that Dao needed to be stress free, her health was critical at this point. Wat looked worried and wanted to apologize but Aunt Sila assured him that Dao will be better if he gave her some more time. He left reluctantly and bought flowers as an apology gift to be delivered to his own wife for the next day. Apologizing once more and hopefully she would consider their reconciliation. He can only seek forgiveness at this point.

2 Weeks Later.

The news was quite devastating. Wat was taken in for the suspicious murder of Pim and her unborn child? Dao listened to Nat recount last night’s event. Her heart felt like it was lodged in her throat. No matter how Wat was, he was not a murderer. Dao believed with the utmost conviction. Here she was now, looking at him through the gated prison walls. He was arrested but no charges have been laid, just under suspicion but the authority didn’t approve bail as they worry he would flee as he had the means and the lawyers were working nonstop to gather evidence to defend his innocence.

Wat, took Dao hands as she grasped his tightly. “I didn’t do it. Your father is my alibi but we cannot seem to find him at this moment.” His face gaunt overnight and the dark shadow of stubble was present. Why was he not taking care of himself, thought Dao.

‘I know. And I believe you, you are not that type of person. We will get the truth, get to the bottom of this. I will support you. We will be with you. I am carrying our baby...” she confessed.

“Truly! I am glad, especially knowing that I may have lost before with Pim’s and the baby's murder. But Dao. I never had an affair, I swear.” Wat responded but Dao didn’t care. She loved him and didn’t want to lose him.

“It doesn’t matter, I love you regardless. Knowing that you are going through this, I realized almost too late, your patience and love for me. I should only return your feelings for me and stop being so stubborn. Nak was also re-examining the case and he won’t let you be convicted when you didn’t commit this crime. We shall fight this!” She exclaimed.

Wat released her hands. He asked Dao to go rest. Justice will prevail. Pim’s death should not become unresolved, the murderer was out there. They needed to work hard and faster to resolve this case. He felt like nothing can keep him away from his wife and child. She loves him, that was all that mattered to him.

The next day, Dao's dad came to be a witness. Wat was with him at the time of the victim's death. Wat was staying with him. He was just preoccupied after in a casino, falling prey to his gambling addiction but realizing now that if he hadn't won big he would've made his son in law stay in jail for a longer term. Now it was even more important on how to resolve Pim's murder.

But just as they were all finishing up Wat's release. Pete came in, with the escort of the police. Pete looked at Dao and Wat. Slightly smiled to them and Nak took him in for questioning.
Later that night, Nak came over. Confirming that Pete had murdered Pim. It was a crime of passion. They were lovers but Pim refused to settle with Pete. He became obsessed and enraged with her promiscuous ways and her wanting to entrap Wat and his wealth. Pete didn't even realized he had his hands tightly wrapped around Pim's throat only realizing too late that he took her life and the unborn child. She had refused to confess any wrongdoing and was obsessed in having Wat for herself hence he wanted her to stop mocking him. It was now his karma he had to deal with. It was all very tragic overall. The thin lines between love and hate was truly scary.

Nak left after reporting the outcome and closed this case. He saw how Dao refusing to leave her husband's side and so he resigned his yearning heart and will try to move on and make a new love life for himself. Fate wasn't on his side.

Later that night Wat laid face to face with Dao. She was so serene and beautiful even after their love making. Asleep and yet holding onto his hands as she slept. He drew away the wisp of hair on her cheek and rested his warm palm gently and lovingly on her protruding belly. Their child. What he almost lost due to his jealousy. Kissing Dao briefly on her soft lips then he closed his eyes. A peaceful sleep finally and with the woman he loved with all of his heart in his arms.
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Just staring into those eyes, warms my heart. ♡
Awww we're finally at the end???


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Epilogue: The Yearning Heart

“So, we are on kid number eight, do you think that should be it for us?” Dao asked her enamoured husband. She looked into the dark pool of love within his beautiful eyes. They still had their petty fights but clearly also made up furiously.

She felt comfortable with four but getting close to doubling her expectation was a bit overwhelming, but here she was to break the news to him. They were yet again expecting, after the twins they both looked at each other and said yeah, we are good. They just turned three years old yesterday but Dao realized she hadn’t felt great for a few months now and low and behold she was expecting their eighth child.

He worked hard but he always seemed to make time for her and the kids, it was also because they had 24 hours service with the aunties too or else Dao wouldn’t have been able to deal with the challenges of motherhood and a career woman at the same time, but enough was enough. After this last child he will have to put a permanent end to their attention to adding to the world’s population.

In his embrace tonight was comforting. It never felt awkward, he was her rock. They went through many obstacles throughout the years yet love conquered all. Plus, the patience and understanding they gave to one another helped alleviate the pressure of being a married couple and managing parenthood. They finally understood what loving unconditionally was all about with each other.

They both grew up in a somewhat dysfunctional up bringing but they would never allow their children to feel neglected or not feel love everyday. Wat kissed her soundly, he was very excited to add to their growing family but they both agreed this final time, that having number eight was pushing it. But if they decided to have more it will be the adoption route, there were plenty of kids left at the orphanage daily. They built on their immense wealth, feeding a few more mouths and affording them a loving home goes a long way for the orphans they took in over the many years.

As the sunset diminished into the night sky, their children finally finished setting up in the front yard to look up into the dark night with infinite of stars shining brightly above them all. Ranging from ages 16 to 3, their children were finally all silent for once as the movie started for their makeshift projector in their yard. Wat & Dao snuggled close looking over their children and their true happiness they found with each other lasted until their last breath.

The End.

*****Fin...once again thanks for all the readers' patience in the FF world. My version of the English FF of Loy Alai. Hopefully the lakorn will get a remake. Thank you for reading!! So glad I didn't give up but completed Wat & Dao love story!***
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Thank you @Mz_Em for finishing up this FF!!! You’re a great writer!
aww THANKS! I really do enjoy writing love stories with HEA, A break from real life's ups and down. Writing never fails me....although I've been slacking but I started missing it so much that I am back with a vengeance hehehe....thanks again for the patience and finally the ending of this FF of an awesome lakorn but with my own Hope you enjoyed it along the way!!


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aww THANKS! I really do enjoy writing love stories with HEA, A break from real life's ups and down. Writing never fails me....although I've been slacking but I started missing it so much that I am back with a vengeance hehehe....thanks again for the patience and finally the ending of this FF of an awesome lakorn but with my own Hope you enjoyed it along the way!!
You wore it so well that it was better than the lakorn. It was so detailed and it brought back the memories I had of watching the lakorn. I’m glad you had added your own variation to the FF. It’s hard to have a motivation to write and finish it. I truly appreciate and looking forward to your other FF :aaaaa::thumbup:


sarNie Juvenile my haste to finish this FF...I think I need to do a bit more editing and maybe add a couple more chapters or like the cnovels side stories or "moments" or Author's aftetwards/thoughts
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gosh, i forgot about you again lol. It understandable, we are busy ppl , overall nice sweet ending thank!


sarNie Juvenile all seriousness I would like to sub this lakorn. It is khmer dubbed so easier for me to translate. Anyone know who I can reach out to for a quick tutorial?


Just staring into those eyes, warms my heart. ♡
I think @alissaax has done some sub, maybe she can show you how.
Lol i haven't done any for a while @Mz_Em
@Falada taught helped me how for the sub soft we did on our channel. We used the youtube subtitle/caption system on youtube. It's pretty easy once you figure how to do the timing and add the subs for soft subs on youtube. For any hard subs i did myself i used and played with movie maker.
Search how on youtube would be useful hahahaa