Transformers 3

Cupid Candy

sarNie Coma
I really liked it plus it showed a little bit of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Though i wish they didn't replace Meagan Fox, Rosie isn't as pretty as Meagan and her huge ass lips bugged me. Perhaps they should have cut out 20 mins cause it was a wee bit too long.


sarNie Oldmaid
I haven't seen this, but my brothers saw this movie. They really liked it. One of my brothers said that the new girl looks hotter than Megan Fox and I was like "EW...wth is wrong with you?"


I think Rosie is pretty like a Barbie doll. She's got the body of one lol. I enjoyed part 3 too although the 1st part was definitely my favorite.


Expired Sarnie
I liked it too. Megan is hotter but Rosie is a better actress esp for a first timer. But I didn't like how she's taller than Shia. And her lips bugged the hell out of me. Although her acting is decent, this wasn't for her. She couldn't run as good as Megan did, although I give her props for running in those high arse heels.


sarNie Oldmaid
Love Transformers. I went to watch it 3 hrs b4 the midnight showing!! I miss Megan and wished the director/writers didn't write her out like that. Making her sound like she dumped Shia and he found someone better. Megan was more badass and a tough girl. But I liked the new girl too. Love how his parents have no hope in him whatsoever. They question how he manages to get 2 hot girlfriends lol. This movie cracked me up like usual. I kinda dislike the ending. I don't like how the Decepticons can multiply like rabbits and not enough Autobots.


Expired Sarnie
Well they had no choice but to take out Megan's role. But I didn't like it either. Her character didn't seem like that type of girl.