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Ann Thongprasom, the famous matchmaker in Thailand has brought together more couples than fate can keep up with. Her famous company, "Finding Your True Love" is expanding quickly. She studied in America since high school so she could learn to run her own business. Now at the age of twenty three, Ann is rich and wanted among many men.

Dennis Joseph Wongsawat was the last child of Khun Ying Kwan Rattanakosin and Than Thaksin Wongsawat. They found him on the streets of Korea on their business trip and decided to bring him to Thailand and raise him. He also went abroad with Ann to do some studying and business work, now he is a doctor working at King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital teaching other medical students and does many trips around the central area.

In Ann's office she gets a phone call from her mother,
Mom: "Honey, I know you are busy pairing everyone else in Thailand with their soulmates, but can't you take time off just to find yours?"
Ann: "Mom, I am working, talk to you later."

She hates in when her mom brings up guys, how many times has her mother tried to set her up with guys from the country club? She just wasn't ready for a relationship. She went through the different files in her computer to try and match up different people. She was trying to look for someone who would be perfect for her twenty year old playboy brother Nadech. She shut off her computer and went shopping to find a dress for a party at their house that night.

When she arrived home, Ann found the whole house to be decorated and filled with food, she ran up to her room and changed into the new dress and shoes she just bought. It was strapless and red. She wore her accessories, put on her heels, and sprayed on some perfume. She knew how to dazzle a crowd. Ann walked over to her balcony and pushed open the doors to see that some of the guests have arrived, she spotted her cousins with their husbands and walked down stairs to greet the guests at their door.

As Ann walked down their stairs, she noticed eyes staring her down but she held her head and walked over to Nadech and smiled. She knew half the girls that came to her house was only because they wanted to catch him. But she always got in their way. As the last guest arrived, they went to go sit down. She tried avoiding her mother at all cost, Ann moved around quickly in her heels to join a group of friends when her mother twirled her around to face the man that she had been trying to avoid since that night.


sarNie Juvenile
"Damn it!" She thought he wouldn't be back until next week. Why the hell is he here, and smirking like nothing went on. She put on her smile and pretend to be happy the sneaky bastard was here. "Dennis, I thought you were still in Korea curing the ill children in the cold mountains, why are you back so early?" Dennis: "Well Ann, I was finished early so I decided to fly in for your mother's party. Later when we go to the hotel for the reception I'm sure we'll have a lot of catching up to do." He raised his glass at her and took a sip, she wanted to take it and smash the glass in his face. "I'm sure." She smiled and walked away. "That asshole!"

Aff: "Don't be swearing so much P'Ann, there are little children present, wait until we go to the hotel, that's when the real party begins."
Ann had set up her cousins with her friends from college and they all ended up married. Now Aff and Aum have three children and trying for a fourth. She tried to calm herself and not let that jerk ruin her mood. When it was time to get to the hotel, Ann was about to get into her car when she found it missing! Who could have stolen her baby! Just then she heard footsteps behind her, she was about to attack when she saw Dennis' handsome face. "Slow down there young lady, it's just me. Your brother took your car so your mother asked me to drive you to the hotel." "No way, I'll take a taxi." "Why, are you scared something might happen between us....again." She shot him a look and he pulled her up against the wall. They were staring each other down. She could smell his cologne and his hard built body against hers. Damn, why does he have to do this now?

He leaned in, Ann quickly took his lips, he was pushing her against the wall and covering her tiny body with his chest. Her leg wrapped around his waist as his lips kissed along her neckline. His lips trailed back up to hers, his tongue was inside her mouth, she couldn't take the heat in her body anymore, Ann wanted to take her clothes off. If there was one man who could make her hot, it was Dennis, he knew how to kiss her and make her want him. She was being tortured and ready to give in to this man. Just then Dennis pulled away. His right hand touched her chin, "Miss me that much?"


sarNie Juvenile
Ann pushed him away and fixed herself, how dare she let herself indulge in him once again! She walked over to his car door and sat inside waiting for him. They went to the hotel. His mom ran out to greet them, "Dennis, dear how come you are wearing lipstick?" Dennis: "My lips got cold..." he looked at Ann. She quickly walked in. The older people were in the main floor while the youngsters were upstairs. She decide to stay with the oldies for now. Dennis took the elevator to the second floor. She walked around for a while holding her drink when her mother came in with five men.

Mom: "Ann, sweetie these are the five brothers of....."
Dad: "My dear, I am sure Ann wants to get upstairs to be with her friends. Sorry boys."
Ann: "Thanks daddy." She gave him a kiss on the cheek and fled.
Mom: "Hey old man, that was rude."
Dad: "Don't force my baby, besides those boys aren't good enough for my daughter."

She ran upstairs, the music was loud, sometimes she hated going out because as soon as people recognized her, they beg her to find them a partner. It wasn't that easy, first she usually went on dates with them and then matched them with someone she found they could be compatible with. As she entered the dark room of flashing lasts, Dennis caught her eyes. She knew how girls acted around him, they would become giggly and shy. He was sitting in a booth, his arms around these half dressed sluts. Then her cousin Rita pulled her to the bar.
Rita: "I saw you looking his way."
Ann: "What? At who I was just browsing for you."
Rita: "Right. Don't worry sometimes I look at him too."
Ann: "I never notice."
Rita: "Well, there is someone I want you to see if he and I are a match."
Ann: "Okay. Tell me who."
Rita eyed a man sitting with Aum and Aff chatting. Ann almost spit up her drink. "You want me to go talk to ROME?" Rita: "Why? What's wrong with him?"
Ann: "Nothing, it's just that he gets bored with girls easily, he barely lasts three monthes with a girl. But I have to say I think you too would make a good match."
Rita: "Good because I have caught him looking at me too. I think once he even winked at me." She giggled.

Ann got so drunk taking so many shots she went outside to get some fresh air. She remembered her mother gave her a card to a hotel room in case she got too drunk. Ann decide to go to her room. Dennis was getting tired of the party so he went to his room to rest. His mother gave him a card to a hotel room. He was so buzzed, when he opened the room he heard a noise from the bathroom.


sarNie Juvenile
Dennis, with his dazed eyes slowly opened the doorknob to find a figure taking a shower. His curious eyes eye the familiar shape of the woman. She was hymning a familar tune. He took off his clothes and joined her in the bathroom. Ann was shampooing her hair when someone's hands were running down her hot body. "I saw you looking at me." She tried to break away but one of his hands was touching her wet core. She tried not to moan, "I was not looking at you." She could feel his breath down her neck. His other hand cupped her left breast and started circling her nipple. She hate it when he teased her. Ann's body couldn't take the pain anymore, she turned around and they kissed, his lips soft and warm from the water, it was like they were eating each other, her body hit hard against the wall. They were panting hard, Ann's left leg was bent, her arms around him, he turned off the shower and carried her to the bed. They rolled around the mattress kissing endlessly, his hard member pressed hard against her thigh. She took his right hand and led it to her left breast, he squeezed her and trailed down to her buttocks. Dennis didn't wait for Ann to answer, he knew when she was ready, she could feel him inside of her, throbbing hard and fast. Her breasts pressed against his muscular chest, he pulled out. They layed their breathing heavy, Ann wasn't satisfied, she rolled ontop of Dennis again and kissed his lips, he wrapped his arms around her, she began down his neck and crawled down to his six packs, he could feel her tongue licking down his abdomen, she started to stroke his member, Dennis could feel it burnig again, Ann wanted him inside of her again. "Take me again." He didn't waste time. Dennis went inside of her again this time he started out slow just to tease her then throbbed inside harder and faster, Ann reached her climax, she moaned louder and louder. Finally they stopped their love making and fell asleep in each other's arms.

The next morning, Ann and Dennis woke up to the sunshine. They opened their eyes, "Ah!" Ann took the blankets and stood up. "Why the hell are you in my room?"
Dennis: "Your room? My mom gave me the key to this room."
Ann: "Well get out, we said we would never do this again."
Dennis: "As I recalled, you were the one who suggest we go for two rounds last night."
Ann: "Shut up!"
Dennis wore his boxer and grabbed his things, Ann with the blankets still wrapped around her body opened the door to find their mothers staring down at them.
Ann: "Mae!"
Dennis: "Mom!"

They sat on the bed as their mothers lectured them.
Khun Ying Kwan: "How could you do this?!"
Sumalee: "Ann, you are a woman! How could you do this to your father and me?!"
They watched as each mother walked back and forth.
Khun Ying Kwan: "How did you two get into the same room?"
Dennis: "Well I went to the Room 212 like you said."
Ann: "Mae, you told me Room 212 too and for the record I was here first."
Sumalee: "It doesn't matter who got here first, how did you two sleep with each other?!"
Both: "Um....we were both drunk..."
Khun Ying Kaew: "My lord!!! This will not due, Dennis you and Ann have to get married."