Tub Huab Tais Hlub Pej Xeem Ntxhais


sarNie Juvenile
this was a good one!!!! very very funny. it's one of those where the na'ek and pa'ek have a hatred toward each other than it becomes love. i love those hate-love movies. highly reccommended. it has been out for awhile now.


sarNie Hatchling
lol it's one of my all time favorite lakorn... i still watch it once in a while... i don't think it's really falls into the hate-love category.... it's more like liking him/her without knowing it till too late... lol.... but it's still good!!! you should watch it. i really like the entertainment that dubbed this movie... the voices match them... the guy that dubbed for mos is originally green.


sarNie Juvenile
It's a great lakorn! I have this lakorn except mine was a different dubbing production, title, and cover.


sarNie Juvenile
yeah but the i watch in thai...i lyke it alot...mos ish really HOT in the that lakorn... but i dont lyke yui...but she preety in there too.


sarNie Hatchling
:huh: so THIS is the cover of the other version. :p I have the other version that someone else dubbed. Mines is titled "Tub Huab Tais Nrhiav Tus Hlub" The front cover looks better, but the damn voices get on my nerves. ToT

:wub: I obsessed over this lakorn so bad when I first saw it. Totally recommend it.


sarNie Adult
i saw the last part in hmoob..it was okai..i love it those..n k=its kute..n hmoob n thai..but in the hmonnd they kind of cut sum good parts..?


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^muahah, me too, i'm not enjoying this lakorn of mos/yui much even though i'm a fan of both of them ..