Tub Yaj and Xab Thoj


sarNie Hatchling
hehehehe i was watching tou yaj's mv karaoke and then this song came on "80 xyoo tseem tos" lol i couldn't help but notice it was the same beat as xab's "Yuav ncu tas koj yoj (thawg tus) lol hopefully i spelled it right.


sarNie Adult
im not good at reading hmong, but
i know that the actress in that 80 years movie was pretty.
i forgot the song.... ^_^


sarNie Hatchling
Melody has been used by various hmong artists with different lyrics. In my view, it's been abused. LOL. :lol: Not too shabby though. Each song still have their own uniqueness despite having the same melody, which is only different in tempo.