TV POOL Noon Sirapun


sarNie Juvenile
omg i love her!
shes so pretty! i really like the short hair on her! at first i didnt, but she can totally pull it off!!


sarNie Hatchling
omg!! noon is gorgeous in these dresses. her hair looks really cute too. thanks so much for sharing. [:


sarNie Juvenile
thank you for sharing. Noon is so gorgeous in these pics and i love those sexy dresses on her.


Usually I wouldn't comment on an actress' body and would just say they're cute/hot/sexy whatever, but those are vague words and non-descriptive. But dayme this shoot really makes me say "Hoon dee mak mak" She looks tall (not saying she's not) but not too tall like models like methanee.. lmao but thn I don't even know her height precisely. who knows dunt care. Just that she's got a nice healthy figure. Not too skinny.


sarNie Elites
she has a nice body.... lol she has the model body, she's not to skinny and not too flat chested she's just perfect hahah


sarNie Adult
Man those's sooo lovely, I think the short hair is cute but I love her long hair....


sarNie Hatchling
i've never achi seen her with long hair before. anyone have some pics?

oh yeh great shoot btw! :D