sarNie Egg
Hi, this is my first post in this forum. Hopefully, I'm posting in the right location.
I'm curious, is there anyone from Fresno planning to attend their concert in LA?


I'm still debating since it'll be a very busy weekend for me. I'm from Fresno but I'm currently residing in Los Angeles so right now it's just a matter of time. -__- I really hate Cassie crowds too though. Debating if I should just go see the boys at LAX and pass the show.


sarNie Egg
Ahh, you're lucky. I wanna see them at LAX, but that means more days in LA and more money on hotels. ><
I've never been a Cassie crowd, though, so it should be fun. I'm so excited!


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My little 13 year old cousin wants to go so badly.. I'm still debating if I'll take her with my older cousin.. We dislike LA traffic... and yeahhh... We can't just drop her off at the concert and do our own thing too you know.. LOL.