Tye + Noon Pics


they look more like brothers.
HAHAHA!!!! Wait till you guys see her role in King Naresuan Part 3. You'd be even more turned off! lmao .... She's gonna look like a lesbo.... but really a princess in disguised.... along w/ jakjann I guess.....

But this shoot does her no justice at all b/c she really is beautiful. I read somewhere she earned a 4.0 while working/filming at the same time. And she really is dorky in person. +down-to-earth....although not as much as Gnamtha from nang sao pa kee riew.... I guess you have to be a lil zany..or appreciate some eccentricity/individualism to heart <3 her guts.


sarNie Adult
no offense she should have long hair because short hair makes her look like a guy but Tye so freaken hot and the scenery so beautiful!


sarNie OldFart
they are cute together but they would look even better if she had long hair


sarNie Hatchling
They definitely make a cute couple. Love the shoot, it looks so relaxing and they look like they enjoy each others company.