Unsure about Relationship

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i had a similar case like this one as well. so after i broke it off with him,he started liking my friend. even though i still liked him i denied it and lied to him n to my friends . he then dated my friend for like 3 days then my friend broke it off. after that , i decided to confess to him about my feelings.i apologized etc. i guess he kind of wanted to get back together but i knew it wasnt rite, for me n for him.he understood. we're good friends now.i got over him n he got over me. i guess i didnt relly regret,but my path wouldve been differnet maybe, like we couldve been together,or we got together then broke up then nvr talk to each other again ,etc.
so my advice for u is to take my lesson as an advice n choose wut path you want to take. :)hope i helped lol a bit...if not lol. sorry haha :)

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lol already told this story in the other topic but i'll post it up here too. I had a guy friend in High school. I always helped him study and with homework and stuff. yea people would mistake us for couples at times cause we're always together. I don't know if he ever had feelings for me or not, but one time he did say "i love you", but he's a joker so I didn't think it was serious. At one point I did liked him and i thought so much about how i wanted him to be mines and I too was in denial, but he liked my friend. He never knew, but I know that he isn't mines and will never be so I decided to just let it go. Because I'd rather just be friends with him. And nothing changed cause they're dating and I'm still friends with them and no longer have that kind of feeling. hee hee. I mean yea i did help him study and homework and help him out lots of time, but in the end I'd rather just be good friends with him then lose him as a friend in awkwardness you know? lol.

Someone once told me to "never chase after what isn't yours". I'd say, clarify things with him. If he no longer has that feeling for u, then time to move on. If he does like u, he'll come chase u. But if not, then he's not urs.

I know how u feel too. Being single throughout ur life and having friends all being taken and ur the left out one. Being insecure and everything. Don't worry. I'm not a Christian, but I do believe that God has chosen a special person for you and maybe it's just not the time yet. I use to think that....that maybe there was noone for me, but he showed up in my life and showed me a whole different view of the world. I'm so insecure, and at times, he'd even apologize even if it wasn't his fault. He accepted all my faults. I'm really grateful to have such a person in my life and would never trade him for anything in the world. But yea hope that helps.

I'm not telling you to give up though. If you're willing to be the one to chase him, then go for it, but things to consider is, would u and ur bestfriend still be bestfriends anymore or does he have that same feeling for u, u know.


sarNie Egg
I'll make it short..
Are you willing your so called BF to take this guy?
Are you able to do that? 
Honestly..you can't. 
Did you tell your BF that you like this guy? 
If not, why are pushing him away for?
What's all the drama honey?
If you like him and vice versa..then
go for it...
Go and talk it out and work at it.