Updates on Mo's Possible New Lakorn with Jeab & New


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Previous information I gathered are here: http://asianfuse.net/discuzz/topic/63866-mos-new-lakorn-mo-new-possible-new-pairing/

Mo posted The OC Thailand's poster on her IG and tagged Esther, Jeab and Pim in support of the lakorn. Jeab commented on Mo's post with wai emojis and Mo replied that she "misses" Jeab. Is it another hint that they'll be working together soon?? What makes me suspicious in particular is the fact that she tagged Pim, because they'd never interacted before (at least on IG) until after the press conference for The OC Thailand and Sorry I Love You a couple weeks ago where they took selfies together (Mo, Jeab and Pim).