Uploading picture onto AF Wiki?

p. Zoua

sarNie Oldmaid
Does anyone know how to upload picture onto Asianfuse Wiki? I clicked onthe links for the tutorials but the page didn't work..


sarNie Oldmaid
Does anyone know how to upload picture onto Asianfuse Wiki? I clicked onthe links for the tutorials but the page didn't work..
I would love to show you how to upload the photo but right now I can't log into wiki page. This is all I can tell you how to upload it.

When you log into wiki you go to the left side of the screen and scroll down to where you see two box that said Navigation & Toolbox. I think the "Upload button should be in one of those two box. After you click on the "Upload" a page will pop up.

Click to see caps:

I can't remember how the page of the upload look like. So this is off my head. There should be a box first box and a button on the right side click on it a screen from your file on the computer will pop. You than find the photo you want and click Okay on the file that pop up. The link of your photo should be in a long box. next to the button that said "upload" I think click on the upload button wait a few second for the page to upload your photo. After your photo upload you will see the photo and on top of the photo should be a link. Copy the link and go past it to whatever topic you going to put it at and past it than click on the save button of that page than you are done.

I will do a more clear step on how to upload for you tomorrow if I can log into wiki by tomorrow but for now I hope this help you a little bit.

p. Zoua

sarNie Oldmaid
oh okay thanks. Works. but i'm confuse on how to link it on the page. lol Thanks much though. :)


sarNie Oldmaid
Here is an example I did. I hope this help you. If you have any questions just ask. I'll try my best to explain it.

Photo steps:

Log in to wiki.
Go to the "Toolbox" on the left side of the page.
Click on "Upload button."
The Upload page will pop up.
Click on the “Choose File” button.
A page from your computer will pop up.
Go find the picture you want to upload. After you find it click on “Open” button.
After that click on the “Upload file” button. Your photo will be uploading.

Copy the file link above the photo.
Go to the page you want the put the photo in.
Click on the “Edit” button. The page will change.
Paste the link.
After that you go click “Save page” than you are finish.
You can log out from the wiki page.


Note – You have to check on the page if someone uploads the same photo as yours. If no one uploads the photo you going to upload you can upload. If there already someone uploads the same photo you want to upload. You don’t have to upload.

Also if some file photo has the same name as your link. You have to either change your photo name to a different name if the file from the other photo is different than yours.


Sorry, I'll remove all the bad links on the front page. That wiki needs to be beautified. *ahem* Darvil *ahem*

I'm going to update some of the links on the Help page also. Thanks for working on the wiki everyone. :)

p. Zoua

sarNie Oldmaid
thanks for your hard work Nouning and Darvil as well. :)