Various Actresses (LIPS vol. 15 no. 1 July 2013)


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I actually like the concept for this shoot, but not all the girls match the look. :nono1: For the cover (which is a cool cover!), Taew and Kim stand out the most to me. Namtarn, Chalida, Min, and Charebelle look weird (although, Chalida looks better than the other three :D). Namtarn looks much better for her inside picture (which is actually one of her prettiest pictures), but again, Taew and Kim's are the best! I'm really amazed with Taew's look...she looks super attractive for once. :eek: And Kim looks very feminine and pretty hehe. I think she pulls off the straight hair really well, and I actually prefer this look rather than her usual hairstyle. And she looks so cute in the black dress! I really like Taew and Kim's outfits (too bad they reused the same one for Taew's inside picture :facepalm:). All the other outfits are all nice as well, but seriously, Taew and Kim are the ones who truly stand out. Chalida...doesn't really match the hairstyle. :no: Charebelle's last picture is decent, and I like her pose, but I just don't find her that attractive. Sorry. ^_^


I agree with you, Taew and Kim stand out the most in shoot. Taew is gorgeous on the inside pic.


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Taew look resemble Aff a lot on the cover. She look so beautiful on the inside photoshot. Thank you for share.


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imomo said:
Taew look resemble Aff a lot on the cover. She look so beautiful on the inside photoshot. Thank you for share.
I agree.. She looks like Aff there and many more. :)


sarNie Hatchling
Namtarn is gorgeous to me. She's already a favorite of mine on her first lakorn. Taew stands out here while they make min p and mint c look invisible.


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Taew and Kim stand out da most like some of da girls have already stated...not because i'm bias ppls....On da cover...Mint is too plain but still gorgeous...Namtarn look like somthing wrong and goes for da smae to for Charebelle, she look weird lol....
Da inside pichs....those tat doesnt look good on da cover look a lot better and Kim...woowee have such a nice butt lol adding on da dress make it bigger :pervie: :pervie: :pervie:  ~sorry prevert moment~