Vier Sakollawat


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after the movie plik din su dao anybody knows wut is he doing and anybody got a picture of him during the movie plik din su dao


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i think he's going to be filming a new lakorn with Cheer after Sai Nam 3 Cheewit too. Plus, he's a 4th year (I think?) engineering student at a university. I swear I just read this today and now I can't remember where I read it or who I read it from. :lmao:


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noiki said:
he has sai nam 3 cheewit filming but he's only gonna be in the first 3 parts
just 3 part that's very sad news, i expect him to have more screen time.


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yea after watching p-weir at tee ne mo chit show his mom is a nurse so cute and have 1 brother omg he has over millions of fanclub lettter in the mail every day alottttttttt man :lol: he is dark and this type of girl is tall,white,and smart 555+