Vote for Hillary Clinton!!!!!!!


Vote for Hillary!!!!!!!
Our health care service will be better . I know cus I got bad health.I've been taking medicine
ever since I was 14 years old every single days and cant miss a day.
When Bush (Republican) is our president our health care went up.So expensive especially medicine that
we need to take to survice.
When Clinton (Democratic) was our president.OUr health care cost was low
and he took care of us so good.i didnt have to pay even a penny for my medicine.

Democratic are for working class.
They care for our health.

Republican are only for the rich.They only work toward the rich.
Don't vote for republican again pls.Lets vote for democratic this time."

I only care for our health care plan.Which democratic will be good for.
Lets vote for our health.

Vote for Hillary!!!!!!! Us girls stick together plus shes the best.Shes so smart.VOte for Hillary Clinton



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hmmm i think i'm still taking in having a woman as a president after all these decades....

btw, it's not that i'm not fond of her or that i don't agree any woman should be president it just takes a bit to sink it. it's like when i've been going to the asian store and i'm greeted by the asian manager for 4 years but then he decides to sell and a farang took over. it just takes a bit to get use to but it's all good. jury is still out for me too.

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I don't know, listening to obama and edwards, Hillary's plan doesn't seem like it'd be successful.
But I need to research more on each candidates...I'm not a bit fond of Hillary at the moment though.


Haha I agree P'Aung. Except Marduk will turn everything orange and he's the hugest procrastinator but other than that......everything is pretty self explanatory. Oh yea the dude cares about health care too.

psssh i'm only sucking up so I can secure a spot in his vain cabinet :lol:


we can do this? LOL

i don't think hilary's plan is much of a difference from her other candidates

and who cares if she has experience? america is so bad now that we have to gamble.
look at george bush...he was a president son and the world hates him.
i don't think we want another family member for president again <_<

we want someone new and someone like us .. which is OBAMA!
i feel he is experienced enough anyways

& lately hilary has been getting too personal with her tactics. "oh i got experience cus i'm bill clinton's wife" and "oh its been so hard *makes tears"... i don't really trust her....her history is not that great ...i don't believe she could connect with the common people as well as obama. i saw an interview with bill clinton bout hilary running and HE DOES NOT look like he so sure about her being the best candidate hahaha . situations are different now, what clinton did when he was president probably won't work now sooooooooo


and i use to like hilary a lot & i still admire her but obama really beats her
she's my second choice though because there's not many great ones who would actually win frankly, BUT only if obama wasn't a choice haha


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First Asian & Monkey for prez.. hell yea
Thanky thanky.

You can be my running mate Darv. This will be our poster.

Count on us to take out the trash!


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If you go to this site,, there's a compatibility quiz. Pick issues that are important to you then answer q's about them, and voila, matches you with a candidate. There's other ones out there too.


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lol...way to be subtle.

Vote for Hillary!

Seriously, are there people out there who didn't know that democrats represent the poor and middle class, while the republicans mainly represent the rich and businesses?

Anyway, I'm surprised it's taken us this long to finally get a woman to even run for president.
Um..hello? There are women presidents and rulers in other countries.

I like Hillary and Obama but I'm rooting for Hillary because she has more experience and I'm really like the health care thing.
Most Americans can't even afford health insurance let alone afford paying for other medical bills, while we're helping other people our own are suffering.
Obama will only get my vote if he ends up being the democratic nominee, either way my vote's going to the democrats.

She doesn't have experience because she's Bill Clinton's wife, that's just part of her experiences. She went through the process with him when he was the governor of Arkansas and then when he became president. Despite his sex scandal people actually liked Bill Clinton when he was president.
Hillary has her own experience as a senator for New York.
Some people may think she's a bitch because she can be tough at times but please, she's only playing at the level of men and you don't see the men being called jerks and a**holes. These people are just afraid of a strong woman and that's what Hillary is. Although, I'm really wishing her husband would lay off on the Obama attacks, he's going to ruin it for her.
I like what Obama has to say but there's a difference between liking what someone says they can offer and what they can actually offer. Can what they promise become a reality within their 4 year term as president or if they get reelected 8 years? Changes are slow and they take time, not everyone will accept or want change. You can't just say "I'm going to do this or do that..." because in reality when it comes down to it, the president doesn't have ultimate power, there are checks and balances, there are other people involved. To get things done requires some experience. Why do you think it takes so damn long to get anything passed? Because people in the lower branches of government have shorter terms and are constantly being swapped out. When they finally get the hang of things and getting things rolling into the right direction there term runs out and they end up getting replaced by someone else and those plans go down the garbage. The new person doesn't pick up where they last person left things but ends up having to start from scratch most of the time. Someone with experience has the knowledge and skills to go in there and cut to the chase.


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If you go to this site,, there's a compatibility quiz. Pick issues that are important to you then answer q's about them, and voila, matches you with a candidate. There's other ones out there too.
duuuude, this is hilarious. i'm assuming all the young teens who can't vote do this. if the country was counting on this, and this was the only means in which ppl were informed about their candidates and how they choose they're candidate.... OH BOY! :unsure:

if i went according to the quiz and mindlessly went according to only principles, i'd miss the practicality of the reality of elections.
according to the quiz, "Dennis Kucinich shares a 90% similarity with my beliefs," so his values and mines are shared in principle, buuuut, the truth of it is, he's got a slim chance, and i'm not gonna waste a democratic vote that would go to a more probable democrat. and being from cali, it's an automatic which way we swing, it's just a matter of who. so hopefully, for those in the swing states and ur of votable age, make the democratic vote count please.

aish aish...whatever happened to CRITICAL THINKING these days...explain why we need more emphasis on "true" education.

talk about a quiz for EVERYTHING these days. :lol:

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no offense? with those words, it's like an insult...can't u use nicer words that are not rude and vulgar...*sighs*

im not us citizen, lol. so i have no view on this at all....but i agree with someone up there, people are thinking that hillary is not reliable just bcos she's a women.................i dun really care who's the president, as long as usa economy gets better im happy.

but somehow im going for hilary


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That quiz wasn't meant to be a "whoever you get you have to or should vote for them." No one is saying that or even assuming that that's the case. It's just a starting point to get people thinking about issues and be aware of candidate's stance on them. You'd be surprised at the number of voters that admit to not knowing anything about issues and just vote based on party affiliation, name recognition, campaign slogans or something shallow like that. It's a pretty high statistic. How else do you think Bush got into office twice?

I forget who said it, might've been Stewart that said voters buy into this thing called a "red truck." Fred Thompson has based his campaign on this, what the red truck symbolizes. He uses it as a way to show voters that he's down to earth, non bureaucratic, honest, and knows what the plight of the common man is. An "aw shucks" kind of guy. Polls shows that these people buy into that. Little do they know a mile away from the pit stops he gets out of the the red truck and into his limo. Do people think about that or know that? Nope, they take it at face value, guy in red truck means he's not a rich Washington bureaucrat who's been bought by big business interest.