sarNie Granny
natty said:
i was hoping someone would do it but since no one then i'll do a short version of it..

saranyu's brother owed mew's father alot of money.. saranyu's uncle is also mew's grandfather... his brother then ran away because he could not pay off the debt.. so mew's father made a deal with saranyu that if he marries mew then they dont have to pay the debt but he also made saranyu sigh all this agreement that she is to go stay in his house as a wife, sign a marriage paper but only in name only.. saranyu already has a girlfriend that he loves very much.. his mother absolutely hates mew family especially the grandmother.. she was the one who lied to mew's grandfather, telling him that her grandmother had an affair and stole the family's jewelry but the grandfather later found out it was false and hid the jewelry in the family's grave where mew and saranyu will later find... anyways.. at first mew thought that saranyu fell in love with her because that was what her father told her.. but on her wedding night he left her in her room.. then later she found out that he didnt love her and that he married her to pay debt.. but as time goes by, his girlfriend's true self revealed and he saw that mew was a really kind and loving girl so he fell in love with her.. yadee yadee yah.. lol..

credit to : Natty @ Old lakorn disscuzzion