WE : Prisoner of Love : Aff & Umm


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wow another shoot together! thailand must be feeling the JLR fever now :lol:

what a beautiful cover!.they are one perfect match. i wanna see the inside shoot!

inside shoot credit to noik @ spicyi/we-mag.com

ahh i love the 1st shoot of them together. it looks as if they are a real couple. the theme is so romantic too. aff is just breath taking! she glows in every shoot



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wow :drool: that was a hot cover . perfect for valentine :wub: they are so HOT .. so unfair that magazinedee didn't post the whole shoot : can you imagine seeing them getting marry :wub: ..
okay, i'm seriously have never fight for an onscreen couple to like stick together after the lakorn end but this will BE THE FIRST ONE .. why can't they be together :lmao:
i think, we'll get to see the wallpaper of this soon ^^ i hope so .. b/c PLOY/KOB have wallies, they have to have for JLR FEVERS.


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Hehe, that cover is so cute. Thanks for sharing tinah. Hopefully we'll get to see the inside shoot soon.


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OMG!! i am so happy right now, jus a great grin on my face!! finally thailand is noticing the hot on-screen couple!!! hahaha


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whao .. usually i don't search or follow star in magazine or even update wat goin on in their life but AUM & AFF is my first time . I really want to see more picture of them together .. it must be the FEVER


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I love that cover! Aum looks so dominant and possessive while she looks the part of a perfect lady! I do want to see the pictures inside also.


the cover is HOT. :wub: they look SUPERHOT TOGETHER. :drool: i really wish they are together.i never root for any actor and actress to be together as much as i root for AUM AND AFF.they are just too HOT TOGETHER to deny. :wub: i want to see the rest of the photo. :spin:


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Noiki updated with photos at Spicy, they're soooo cute together but darn, wish there was more.