What are you thinking right now?


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I'm I dunno.... bleh thiinking ..that I am so so very lost .... and hurt ...angry? too.. but aren't I always? hopefully this time it just passes like the wind again...

Muddie Murda

^I think someone's thinking too highly of themselves. I also think someone wants their ass kicked because they want to haunt me and they continue to shout for no apparent reason.


sarNie Adult
---she was the most successful part of my life while she was part of my days before time swept her away...now there's just memories of my best friend and those times we laughed and the sun came out...


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Bby` why are u the reason I can't sleep.... why oh why do I insist on not speaking the truth with you and tell you what it is that bothers me and hurts me deeply.... its because you're the one I love... and its best to keep the drama to myself arf =x


so many things in my head atm...*sigh* what am i to do??? but at the same time..im very happy tee i yoo gub khon tee i ruk mak tee soot=]


it's been years and i still have the same hair style... let's go get a hair cut this weekend.....hahhaaa

Cheer up took kon, i still love u all :) referring to the people above me


sarNie Adult
---i feel so tired but i'm awake inside myself missing someone who don't care if i breathe...and i ponder why do i miss them,,, oh why do i miss them... :eek:


i'm thinking of how i'll die.
having the same lunch everyday.
cus i must pick gas over food. *cries

stupid boiled eggs !!!!!