What are you thinking right now?


sarNie Juvenile
I'm thinking about the episode I missed in Jaew Jai Rai Kub Khun Chai Tewada.When will I be able to watch what I missed?


sarNie OldFart
I've been playing uno on facebook for hours now! geez, I need to stop and study for my midterms lol


sarNie Adult
...she is one of a few that think they are, or will be like everyone they associate with, but i've come to learn we are different in what we are and what we believe in is real, more conscious and more alert to future events and what we are... time is and end game to everything we associate with... if we open our minds to the past and explore the future in dreams we will arrive at truths when we meet the few people like ourselves...

...colors are more the textures we inherit, then the ground we stand on with people that fill voids until we meet others like ourselves...

...stories we only dream of that are real for a few!!!


Staff member
If time wasn't the matter and our heart wasn't in the way. I'd willingly be wrong and give you the freedom you want, but unfortunately the freedom in your choices now may mean you'll get hurt. I rather be the controlling human being that you are frustrated with; then watch you come back hurt and destroyed.

No idea what that is towards =/ LOL