What do you think of this case?


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Hmm, for me, I don’t see a problem with the Spanish teacher expecting 30% participation. Especially if it is an AP class, which should be more challenging and demanding. If I were a student, I’d understand where the teacher is coming from because she would want us to speak in Spanish out loud, to get practice, for her to correct us if we are mispronouncing words, not using the right nouns, etc. She is trying to do her part, prepare students to be the best they can be, I would see it as. I get that the student would feel forced to speak, I myself don’t like being told what to do, but like I said it’s all for my own good. Not to be mean, but shyness also doesn’t really help in the real world. I’ve been shy too and still am at times! Confidence takes talking and determination and effort and risk taking, and this would definitely be a wonderful opportunity to do just that(; Also, it would be boring if it was just the teacher speaking the whole time in class! I would have questions, and I believe asking questions would also be regarded as participation. All in all, it’s a great chance to learn the language to the best of your ability and get the most out of the class! Why not! Many people would DIE to get this wonderful chance!!


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Oh yeah, about the teacher being lazy part, hmm, I’m not sure. Not saying the student is lying or imagining it, also don’t know what ASB stands for, but I would think many students would speak up and changes would be made if she wasn’t doing her job. I think every teacher does things differently and perhaps she needs to incorporate different learning styles to fit her students’ needs to help them flourish. Perhaps it is the teacher’s fault too, and it would be better for the student to wait and speak directly to the Spanish teacher and express her thoughts and concerns instead of to her Chemistry teacher, unless that Chemistry teacher was her counselor.


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I have seen articles that states mandatory class participation is a bad idea, haven’t gotten the chance to read them, but I’m still going with my decision—that the 30% participation requirement is welcomed.


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@maimyang Thanks for taking the time to read and respond to this case. I don't blame you, it's a hard case to win for my sister.

LOL There's still a lot of information that isn't included in here. I'm including more information, but keep in mind, I'm not mad at you or anything. I have nothing against the Spanish language, just this specific teacher's method of teaching.

Well, there's an Oral section also, and it's 25%. Isn't talking oral? Then talking will count for 55% of the class.
The purpose of an AP class is to help a student learn and prepare them for the AP exam in May. But if students are copying answers off of Quizlet, is that learning? Many students are doing this, which is unfair. Also, according to the AP Exam, sections are divided as follow:

Section I

Multiple Choice — 65 Questions | ~ 1 Hour, 35 Minutes | 50% of Exam Score
  • Part A — 30 questions; 40 minutes
    • Interpretive Communication: Print Texts
  • Part B — 35 Questions; ~55 minutes
    • Interpretive Communication: Print and Audio Texts (combined)
    • Interpretive Communication: Audio Texts
Section II
Free Response — 4 Tasks | ~ 1 Hour, 28 Minutes | 50% of Exam Score
  • Part A — Written Tasks; ~70 minutes
    • Interpersonal Writing: Email reply (1 prompt; 15 minutes)
    • Presentational Writing: Persuasive essay (1 prompt; ~ 55 minutes total: 15 minutes to review materials plus 40 minutes to write)
  • Part B — Spoken Responses; ~ 18 minutes
    • Interpersonal Speaking: Conversation (5 prompts; 20 seconds for each response)
    • Presentational Speaking: Cultural comparison (1 prompt; 4 minutes to prepare, 2 minutes to respond)

      Speaking actually is just a small portion of this exam. Maybe instead of talking all the time, they should practice more for the other parts?

      I was in this Spanish teacher's AP class last year, and she gave me the wrong grade for a semester. That totally screwed up my transcript. However, I try to keep it cool and talked to her. She told me she submitted a grade change documents already. Months later, I checked and the grade remains the same. I asked her again and even email her, but she never responds. I go to her class and talk to her, she said she already submit the grade change, but she will do it again. I waited a few months later, and checked again. No grade change. I finally got tired and talked to one of my trusted advisor and she told me to go talk to the Spanish teacher again and if possible, take a picture of the grade change paper afterwards. I did exactly just that and the Spanish teacher said that she will do it. And 3-5 days later, voila, my grade finally changed! This process took over a year, a year! It could have been changed way earlier, seeing that it only took 3-5 days after the 3rd time I went to talk to her.
      To be frank, I am saying she is a bit prejudiced against me and my sister.
      My sister is talking to the chemistry teacher because she needs someone to back her up, someone with the same power, in a teacher position. As you can see in my position, I wasn't able to get my grade change until I consulted with my advisor, who would have backed me up. And the Spanish teacher knows this therefore the grade was changed so hastily. That will be the same case with my sister. She have tried countless time to talk to her Spanish teacher, even sending emails, but no replies.
      But with my case, I had more evidence, such emails that I did send my summer homework, but for my sister's case, it's more open to discussion.
      According to my sister, the teacher doesn't really correct them for being incorrect. That would have been helpful though, but no she doesn't.
Please feel free to critique. :)


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Wow, what she did to you abt the grade change was really messed up. She seems very unreliable, doesn’t care, and does sound to be prejudice. I would hate, hate to be in this situation! Having a teacher I can’t talk to and be heard, is seriously frustrating, especially when they are in a teacher position. I would feel extremely helpless. But I still feel class speaking is alright to have, but perhaps for her to do as you stated and place more importance on what will be tested the most on. It seems she wants students to do the majority of the work on their own? I know it’s too late, but it’s sad how your sister can’t change teachers from the beginning because no one would really understand what she knows with you having gone through what you did with the Spanish teacher.. It’s sad how some teachers abuse their power..in high school I had a male teacher who I felt constantly harassed by, even though he thought it was all jokes and fun. I was too stupid and scared to do anything abt it so I told myself to be strong and continue to stay in his class and pass. He made me feel so uncomfortable and icky.
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Looking back, I don’t know how I survived. Honestly though if teachers don’t want to teach, stop! I am sorry your sister is going through what she is going through and all I can say is, I hope something changes!!!


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Yeah, lol, and then you rethink about the role of a teacher. But then teachers here, if they've been teaching long enough, their spot gets secure and they can't get fired. I really dislike that. I believe that if a teacher can't teach, we can dispose of him/her. This is not fair and this is after all, a democracy (the United States). But getting a job secure should not be a person's reason to pick a certain career, especially in teaching when children can be so vulnerable and are still learning.

But I do hope so too that things will get better and hopefully we (the teacher, my sister, and me) come out of this problem learning a good positive lesson because honestly I'm trying to stay logical and not let my emotions take control.


I had a similar situation in Spanish class in high school. The teacher was a B*tch and I hated public speaking then still hate it too but I just learned later on in life that you just got to BULLSHIT your way through. I ended up getting a very shitty grade in Spanish (C+) and it brought my gpa down I was so furious! I couldn’t wait to freaking leave her!! Lord, I never got her again! But in that class grade range is 93-100 = A, 88-92 = B, 80-87=C so guess what? I got an 87 so still got a FKING C lol really F up grading skill. I like hated Spanish ever since lol when I loved it over French cuz Spanish is very easy to learn compared to French lol

But if the teacher is already prejudiced against you.boy—it’s gonba be tough cuz if you get on her ugly side, she might fail you or something too. I would say in this case, try to speak as much as you can in class, ask questions and use your Spanish and try to show her you’re trying and doing your best. Maybe even try to explain to her you’re very shy and uncomfortable with public speaking or even speaking in class but that you’re already doing all your best.

Do well on all ur exams and quizzes and see if that’ll help. Usually if a teacher is sane enough if they see how good your test scores are, they might end up giving you a grade you deserve too.

Good luck dear! But yea, try talking to your other teachers, advisor or even classmates about how you feel about the “forced” participation grade? Good luck if you’re still in high school!


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I feel for your sister, and the teacher does sound horrible for her unreasonableness. However, in an AP course I expect participation to be that high especially if it is foreign language. The reason is because AP courses are supposed to somewhat prepare you for college (in addition to the AP test). In college you can not talk, especially in a foreign language course. One of my majors is language in French and for my first year like French III, participation was 35%. It wasn't exactly just speaking, but you were expected to answer if the teacher called on you. I was enrolled into a dual-credit so my AP French courses did count for college credit (regardless of if I pass or fail the AP test).

Also, remember that practice speaking is one of the best ways to learn, sometimes teachers make the requirement to encourage you to speak. The reason why? When you go to college or take the AP exam, the people listening will not be as generous as your high school teacher. They assume and expect you to already be fluent on the level you are taking (especially if you are an AP student). My French teacher in college was hard on me and graded me HARD because I got my credit during high school for the first two years of french. She expected me to know just as much as the students who took college level French I and II. I didn't like it, but I sort of understood.

I was shy as heck and it was hard, I had anxiety every time they called on me, but the best way to get past it is to just answer and let it pass. Remember that if she plans to go to college, she may or may not end up with a class where talking takes up ALOT of time. Most majors will require you to take some sort of speech course as well.

Sorry if I sound too harsh or anything, but my perspective on the participation thing, but the teacher does sound like a piece of work.