What nationality is everyone????


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I was born in America! My family is Thai/Lao... I understand both Thai and Lao pretty well... speaking it... it's getting worse lol since moving to New Mexico (part or the North America not Mexico) with my love and all these hispanics.
um...Mexico is part of North America. I think you meant the United States, not North America. :)


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100% Hmong :) I can speak & understand Thai, but I can't read/write in Thai.
I can read & write in Hmong though :))


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I don't specifically know from what nationalities I am really from but most of it is Laos.
Born in Australia, looking like an Indian and actually Laotian.
I know that I have of some Chinese/Indian/combodian blood though

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I am Hmong, can read it and write it but not to that 100% right point.
Can understand Thai a bit but can't read it nor write it.


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Born in America, Dad is Chinese mom is Thai. I can speak Thai, but I cannot read or write. But..I'm still learning new words from Lakorns everytime I watch one! Im only 14 lol....


I'm hmong, born in thai land in a refugee camp, then moved to america in that same ear i was born so now i live in wisconsin. I can speak, read and write hmong due to the fact that my parents are both hmong and i taught myself the language through watching music videos since i was young. I have been watching thai lakorns since i was little, but only got interested six years ago, and also taught myself how to read write and speak thai, but i only know about 70% of Thai though.


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I dont specifically know mine, born in Australia, Dad is full cambo, Mum quarter thai, viet, chinese and cambo, but i look cambo and sometimes people think im Filipino (i dont know why).


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hi everyone! salam sayang dari malaysia! yup, i'm from malaysia, a malay, a muslim. and fan of thai entertaiment since 1995. i would say i might be one of the very few people who started stalking the web since 1998 looking for info about thai entertainment, let it be music, movie or lakorns. i first got hooked into thai entertainment when i accidentally turned ch5 which can be watched by people living in east coast as well as northern part of peninsular malaysia. i think it was sam yuranan's lakorn. next and it was the one that totally grab my attention was watching raptor's "let's live for today"! man, it was awesome!!! too bad i don't speak nor understand thai....


^ Wow, how old are you? No offense but if you started liking thai lakorns in 1995, that was only one year after i was born. I don't mean to offend you though. :)


100% Hmong. Born in Thailand in a refugee camp but raised in United States. Speaks Hmong but can't read and write in Hmong 100%. Understands some Thai through watching Thai Lakorns/movies but can't read or write in Thai. My father and grandfather speaks Thai and Laos fluently. Only my father can read and write in Thai and Laos. My father and grandfather is my human Thai/Laos dictionary/translator.


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I have four nationalities in me. Laotian/Thai/Chinese/American. I was born and raised in the United States, but English is not my first language. I speak Laotian, mix with Thai, to my mom, but mostly English to my relatives. My mom told me that my great grandfather is full Chinese, born, raised, and grew up in China. But then he migrated to Thailand, which in that generation, Thailand was originally the country of Laos. So my grandma from my mom's side is Chinese and Thai, since she was born and raised in Thailand. However, my great grandfather never taught my grandma Chinese language, so that's we don't speak Chinese at home. I also don't understand Chinese too. I only one or few words in Chinese haha My mom was born and grew up in Thailand, while all of my uncles were born and raised in Laos. My dad is full Laotian. Then, my family, my relatives from my mom's side, and some from my dad's side, all migrated to the US. So yup, that makes me a Chinese/Thai/Laotian/American :)


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My father's Swiss and my mother's nationiality is also Swiss now, but she's a Thai born in Angthong/Thailand and one of her grandfather was Malaysian. On the 13th of January this year they will be married for 26 years already and I have 4 younger siblings. Since we live in Switzerland, my parents chose European names for us because it's easier for the people here to pronounce, but we still each got a Thai nickname. Mine's Namfon or just Fon.
I speak German, English and a little bit French, since that's obligatory in school here.
Before I was 13 I didn't know much Thai as we speak mainly German at home. But around that time after holidays in Thailand I fell in love with the language and started learning it.
Now I have no problems understanding - with the exception of complicated technical terms of course, and I still have some accent. I can read Thai but I can't write that well yet.